Top 5 Bands To Listen To, Under the Influence of Percocet!

For those of you that frequent my other blog (, you know that I am recovering from a minor surgical procedure. I had the "plantar fascia" partially released, which although a rather insignificant procedure, is one that has a fairly painful recovery period. It will leave me on my back for the better part of a week, and will put me out of work for, at the very least, two weeks, and will take the better part of a month before I am back to normal. Possibly longer...

So, what does this have to do with my music blog? Well, the kind doctor prescribed some Percocet, to get me through the first week or two of recovery. First, I need to make it abundantly clear that Percocet is a PRESCRIPTION pain reliever, and should only be used as such. Got that?? Good... now, onto the happy side of that Percocet use....

...the Top 5 bands to listen to, under the influence of Percocet!

5. NO-MAN: Yesterday, I decided to put on "Schoolyard Ghosts", the latest release by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and partner, Tim Bowness. A mostly mellow effort, this CD put me in a near perfect state of relaxation. There was one song that whipped me out of my peaceful state, but with the quick touch of the "forward" button, I was back in my blissful, quiet world... made perfect by No-Man.

4. DEAD CAN DANCE: Yesterday, I created a playlist featuring some of my favorite Dead Can Dance music. For those of you not familiar with Dead Can Dance, it is the musical collaboration of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard. Since splitting in 1996, the duo has gone on to solo careers, with Lisa Gerrard harboring the most success. It has been her movie soundtrack work that has propelled her into the spotlight, especially for the work she did on the soundtrack for the film, GLADIATOR. Lesser known works, such as "The Whale Rider", are even more beautiful than "GLADIATOR". Brendan Perry has only done one solo album, but it has proven to be one of the most beautiful, melancholic albums that I have ever heard. Regardless, this collection of music that I selected from the 1981-1996 Box Set is what I am here to praise. I selected some of the ethereal, quiet music, to relax to. The rich layers of chords, both vocally and musically, are the perfect soundtrack for the dizzying effects of my pain medication.

3. PORCUPINE TREE: Voyage 34... need I say more? This 4 track, mostly ambient instrumental, CD is the ideal background music for a near dream state. The whole basis of the album is summed up in Phase 1. The tracks are Phase 1-4, respectively. Phase 1 takes you on a journey, where you accompany Brian (the character of the song), and his fellow travelers, on what would be Brian's 34th LSD trip. The music is reflective of some earlier Pink Floyd music, mixed together with The Orb, the famed British Ambient group. The music is utterly hypnotic, the story, frightening... to say the least. I'll stick with Percocet (and only when prescribed by a doctor!! ;-), THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

2. PINK FLOYD: What kind of spacey, dizzying frame of mind, would be complete without a little Pink Floyd? My personal picks for the past few days... OBSCURED BY CLOUDS and DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. I need to personally thank Alan Parsons for his fantastic engineering job on DARK SIDE. Without those obligatory footsteps running through my brain, mixed with insane laughter, that journey wouldn't be nearly the exciting adventure that it is.

1. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY: First, I need to give credit, where credit is due. We were at my parents house, last night, and my brother Ray hands me his portable media device... a PSP sized contraption, from the folks at Nokia. I don't know what it is, apart from a little computer. Anyhow, Ray hands it to me, offering his earbud headphones. I look to see what aural treat I have waiting for me, and see that it is in fact, Explosions In The Sky... an album that I already have on my iPod. But then, after putting the headphones in... I see what Ray was trying to convey. He may have known that I already owned that album... but Ray knew that Explosions in the Sky was EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!! And it was... and STILL IS, the number one group to listen to, under the influence of (doctor prescribed) PERCOCET!

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Kate said…
Other stuff to do "under the influence" of legally prescribed prescription painkillers:

1. Email friends and tell them, in detail, how awesome they are.

2. Watch "Teletubbies" and/or "The Wiggles."

3. Watch any Peter Sellars movie, preferably "The Party".

4. Listen to Yes' "Going for the One".

5. Watch the movie "Can't Stop the Music," starring Bruce Jenner, Steve Guttenberg, and the Village People.
Uncle Zeke said…
Kate, you have set the bar HIGH!

I challenge ANYONE to come up with a more constructive list than this.

I do need to note, however, that I could sit and watch "Teletubbies" completely sane and sober, and it mesmerizes me EVERY TIME. Right until they all chant in unison: "AGAIN, AGAIN". Watching that damned video TWICE, is more than I can handle.
My name is Mike Conlin and i would like to show you my personal experience with Percocet.

I am 20 years old. Have been on Percocet for 25 days now. This drug works very well for pain, however be aware that it is EXTREMELY ADDICITVE if not taken appropriately. Dependence/tolerance is easily built up, and it will make you feel euphoric if enough is taken. My best advice is to throw them out if you ever feel you are taking them for anything other then the exact reason they were prescribed

I have experienced some of these side effects-
dizzyness, lightheadedness, a sort of euphoric feeling, odd dreams, drowsyness and also itchyness. The itchyness is very sporadic (for lack of a better word) and comes in different spots all over my body, although not very intense if taken appropriately.

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Mike Conlin
Uncle Zeke said…
This last comment just came in, several months after the initial post. I don't know if the writer of the comments was aware that this post was mostly satirical, but I just wanted to reiterate what he/she said. Pain killer addiction is a very serious thing, and should not be taken TOO lightly. Yes, it made a slightly amusing post, and I do NOT regret writing it. IF you end up taking Percocet (or similar medications) on a regular basis, be sure to follow your doctors recommendations. IF you end up taking the medications, make sure you listen to one of the bands listed, to make your experience a little better. :-)