To find the Tori Amos/Al Stewart connection, we must first ask ourselves one simple question...

"Y Kan't Tori Read?"

Some of you may get that... some of you may be asking why Uncle Zeke can't spell. Or should I say, "kan't spell"?

To begin, "LITTLE EARTHQUAKES" was NOT Tori Amos' first project. Her career began in the late 80's, with her band, "Y Kan't Tori Read". This album featured several members, including Matt Sorum, who was best known for his drum work with Guns'n'Roses, as well as The Cult. Tori, herself, has distanced herself from this project, as the album is long out of print, and something that she is not particularly proud of. This album has been one of the most sought after Tori Amos collectables. In the height of her career, new copies (in long box) were fetching upwards of $1000.00, each. The sickening part (for me), is that I once found an original (not a bootleg) promo copy of this album, at a pawn shop. I paid 2-3 dollars for it, and ended up selling it to a local music store, for $20.00, when I was in desperate need for some money. Of course, this was before the days of eBay. The only marking in it, was a cut in the spine of the CD (if I recall correctly).

Now, you fans of Al Stewart are probably asking, "What does this have to do with my beloved Al?" Well... let me tell you. The Y KAN'T TORI READ album was produced by a gentleman by the name of Joe Chicarelli. Joe Chicarelli was a very good producer, back in the 80's. If you listen to the Y KAN'T TORI READ album, you will hear some very lush production. Joe Chicarelli ALSO produced one of the best Al Stewart albums..."Last Days of the Century". This album was released around the same time, on the Enigma Records label. It was out of print for quite some time, but is once again in print, thanks to a reissue on another label. Where the REAL connection between these two great artists comes into play, is on the Al Stewart album. In the title track of the album, Tori Amos is one of two featured backup vocalists. In the chorus, when you hear the female vocalists sing, "all the way to Chinatown", you can hear the distinct voice of Tori Amos.

Not only did Tori sing backup vocals on that album, but she collaborated with Al Stewart, once again, in the 90's.

Lastly, I am going to include two videos. One from the Y KAN'T TORI READ project, entitled "THE BIG PICTURE", and one from Al Stewart. This is a live version of "LAST DAYS OF THE CENTURY", and does NOT feature Tori Amos. It is, however, towards the end of the remarkable collaboration that Al Stewart had, with guitarist Peter White. Peter White helped forge the Al Stewart sound, and was an integral part of Al's early music. Peter eventually parted ways, to pursue a solo career, playing Smooth Jazz. For fans of Al AND Peter, I recommend you pick up the live acoustic album, featuring just the two musicians, on their trademark Ovation acoustic guitars. There is some of the finest guitar work that you will hear in Pop music, not to mention some original versions of some of the best loved Al Stewart fans.