December People

Hey people, it's NOT December... yet! But when it finally rolls around, give something new a try. DECEMBER PEOPLE! This is a holiday CD, under the direction of Robert Berry, including Kansas. This CD is for all you Prog-Rockers out there. Imagine "Silent Night" being worked (arranged) to sound like Pink Floyd. Among these traditional holiday songs, you will find arrangements to fit all big players in Progressive Rock. Is this CD for everyone? Absolutely not. Anyone just wanting to listen to the traditional songs, with their traditional arrangements, best stay away. This one is for the aurally adventurous. For those wanting to check this one out, you may want to stay out of your local big box retailer, and just stick with the major internet stores. eBay,, are all good places to find this item. If nothing else, it will change your typical holiday experience. Maybe make it a little more psychedelic?