Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl: A social experiment.

Courier font. It looks like a typewriter. And sounds festive. Courier and Ives, and all. Anyhow, it is what we shall use, this evening. So, I started this blog nearly a week ago, and I feel like I have probably been doing it for my own amusement, and that is it. So, for tonights post, I am going to talk about a great discovery of this past year. The CD is "JUST LIKE THE OTHERS", by Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl. This brother/sister team from Arizona is a splendid listen. Comprised of all cover songs, ranging from artists like Tori Amos to Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, this is sure to please the mind and ear of fans of Indie Rock, Alternative Country and Folk. Here is a link to their MySpace page. See what you think:

The thing I found most amusing about this release is that there are certain songs that flow in a thematic sense. Like the trio of dog songs. Including "Dead Dog" and "Ghost of a Dog". Speaking of dogs, my dog Betty is humping a pillow right now. Now I have had horny male dogs, before, but Betty is the first female that seems to have an insatiable labedo. Now wait a minute, my spell check is telling me that "labedo" is spelled incorrectly. Let me investigate this little matter. Wow, Merriam-Webster has set me straight. LIBIDO is the correct spelling, and spell check concurs. Now, back to NOWHERE MAN..., and the social experiment. I have several copies of this CD, and I am willing to send a copy, FREE OF CHARGE (including free shipping) to the first person to e-mail me and let me know that they read this blog. I am not trying to find a new friend, but merely prove to myself that these rants and random thoughts are reaching SOMEONE. Doesn't this sound like fun? What is going to be fun is trying to catch Betty in the process of humping that pillow. Almost, but the camera wasn't turned on. We will give her another minute or two. And IF we catch her, I will post the picture. Even if only for MY amusement.