Hannah Montana?? Phooey. Try HAPPY RHODES.

So, here it is...2008... and the number one selling musical artist is the puppet daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus. Now, things have been bad over the years, with New Kids, N-Sync, about any Rap/Hip Hop artist you can mention, Garth Brooks. Speaking of all the SPECIFIC artists mentioned. Bad news for you three... at least the rappers can write their own lyrics! Ouch, that was cruel. I'm sure Hannah Montana can't even write her gutless lyrics by herself, but who am I to judge?

Why are artists like HAPPY RHODES having such a hard time distributing their own music? Why does the American public keep throwing away boatloads of money on artists that they won't even openly admit to liking, in another two years?? Let's talk about Happy Rhodes, shall we? First, do yourself a favor and go to her website, which is www.auntiesocialmusic.com, and see what she is all about. I first fell in love with her music in 1993, after reading a Billboard magazine review for her album "EQUIPOISE". In the article, there were comparisons to Kate Bush, of whom I was a big fan. The article mentioned her soprano voice which was near identical to Kate Bush, as well as her "near masculine alto". Now folks, I am a 1st tenor, and she can sing lower than I can. And when she is singing that beautiful Kate Bush soprano, it is SINGING, so don't think it a comparison to the SCREECHING that would be Mariah Carey's alleged "wide vocal range". Not only was Happy Rhodes' voice ABSOLUTELY beautiful, but she wrote each and every song (by herself, Garth), with the exception of one song on her first compilation release. In addition to that, she played each and every instrument on her first four albums, which were actually compilations of songs released between 1984 and 1988 (if I recall correctly). It wasn't until her fifth release, WARPAINT, that she incorporated a band. AND if that wasn't enough, she was also responsible for doing most of her own album cover artwork. True talent, and pure ART, in every sense of the word. So why aren't the American public paying attention? Tisk, tisk, people. CHECK IT OUT! You'll sleep better tonight, and you won't be ashamed to look at yourself in the mirror.

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