It's an election year, people.... VOTE!

.... but let's start here. As you can see, or maybe you CAN'T see, there is a small poll on the upper left hand side of the screen. I want to know what YOU like. Tell me. Geez, now that I am listening to this sweet Miguel Migs tune, maybe IT'S my favorite. Naaaah, nothing compares to China Crisis. But it is sweet. The Miguel Migs tune, that is. Deep House. Sexy, sexy music. Anyhow, people. Exercise that great freedom you have. CAST YOUR VOTE! And be sure to vote Democrat. Or maybe vote for that guy in the Green party. The one who never wins. If he's running. Or vote for FRANK ZAPPA! His corpse (may he R.I.P.) could do a better job running this country than the administration we have dealt with for the past 7 years.

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