The Joys of NPS

What on Earth is NPS, you ask? It's this bizarre store, located here in Salt Lake City, that sells damaged items, near-dated groceries, clothing, furniture, and most importantly, COMPACT DISCS. Now, most of the discs come from stores that have gone out of business for one reason or another, but some are there because of damaged cases, etc. Anyhow, I like to venture there once or twice a month, and get discs to listen to, sell on eBay, or BOTH. Take for instance, a few weeks ago, I found "BLANK PLANET RECURRING", a promotional disc from PORCUPINE TREE. Yeah, the band that I can't seem to shut up about. But folks, I am NOT THE ONLY ONE. I find this disc, amidst the several eBayers that buy music from this store, and purchase it for two bucks. Now, for those wondering what the disc contains, it has radio edits of four of the songs from "FEAR OF A BLANK PLANET", their latest studio release, as well as the "NIL RECURRING" e.p., which contains outtakes from the "FEAR" sessions. Now, NIL RECURRING is available from Japan, and possibly England. Maybe other countries, I don't know. I know that it was originally a limited edition release, but there will be a jewel case reissue coming out in the next few months. So, back to this disc. I post it on eBay, and had nearly 20 people watching the auction, and five people contacting me telling me that they want to buy it when eBay pulls the auction. Because it's a "promo", eBay doesn't want it sold on their site. So, nearly 5 days into the auction, with only 20 or so hours to go, eBay pulls it. I contact those five individuals that were interested, and sold it for TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! Holy ape crap, Batman!! That's ummm... 10,000 percent profit? Or is it 1,000? Regardless, it's something that made me happy!

Anyhow, I have found so many good discs over the years, including the Coldplay disc that I am currently ripping to my iTunes library. Another series of discs that I find nearly every time I shop there, are the Starbucks releases. I have purchased many of them, from ANTIGONE RISING, CHET BAKER, THE DOORS, THELONIUS MONK, and ARETHA FRANKLIN. Anyhow, one I purchased a few weeks ago is the "OFF THE CLOCK" compilation, featuring "up and coming Starbucks artists". It is a collection of Indie artists, people that you have never heard of. But WOW, it's got some of the best music I have heard in the past year or two. I recommend this disc to anyone who is looking for something new to listen to. The styles are varied, but all accessible. As most of the songs would fall into the traditional Indie classification, there are one or two that I would consider more Jazz oriented. Even if you can't make it out to NPS, the disc is available on I know, because I just lifted the artwork, for my iTunes library. Copy and paste. Copy and paste. Copy and paste...

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