What do we have to look forward to in 2008?

That's right. Love To Love You, Baby. And I'm not talking the sissy radio edit. I'm talking the 16 minute, 48 seconds of Donna. I find it humorous that whatever I happen to be ripping to my iTunes ends up as part of my blog. I'm going to make sure that each and every time I am posting on my blog, I am ripping something to my iTunes. That way you know what I truly am listening to, or in this case, PREPARING to listen to. Within the next 24 hours. So. Let's ponder the question, WHAT do we have to look forward to in 2008? Musically speaking, of course. I know there is a belated new Cure album. Hopefully it's good. They are definitely hit and miss with the overall quality of their albums. With the freedom to work into the new year, I hope it turns out to be a good effort. U2 made the mistake of rushing to finish POP, so they could begin their tour. The Cure, on the other hand, had put tickets on sale for a 2007 Fall tour, and ended up postponing until late spring. Good for them. Now, I'm not knocking Pop. Although not the best U2 album, in my humble opinion, it does contain some of my favorite work from the band. Although, the finished versions of those "favorite" songs ended up on their second 1990-2000 "Best Of" compilation. So, while we are on the topic of U2... how 'bout the forthcoming CD slated for release this fall? Produced by RICK RUBIN! Now, I'm not going to say that whatever Rick produces turns to gold (as I will save THAT special award for Trevor Horn and Gary Katz), but Rick lets the artist explore their artistic sides. From Johnny Cash to Neil Diamond, Rick Rubin has done some fantastic things with the artists he works with. Even The Dixie Chicks, who ventured into songwriting territory on their last album, were encouraged to finally be "artists" in the truest sense. I think their work definitely has room to mature, but it was refreshing to hear some truly honest music coming from those three girls, especially after the chaos that followed their fantastic "HOME" release.

Anyhow, before I attempt to really go into 2008 releases, I guess I should actually LOOK at some future releases. So maybe I will do that, and get with you. Thanks for reading...
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