As promised... my life lesson!

So, I met Sarah Mclachlan. The year was 1994, the city was Bozeman, Montana. Read the last post to get the entire story. At least the entire story up until THIS point. When Sarah finally exited the bus, she was looking extremely casual in sweat shorts and a sweat shirt. Before meeting her, I had one burning question that I had wanted to ask her... at least since FUMBLING had entered into my life. What was that question, you ask? I wanted to know how much Talk Talk had been an influence in her writing of FUMBLING. Her response was, "Is it that noticeable?" I proceeded to tell her that it wasn't TOO obvious, but that I could definitely hear similarities, especially to "SPIRIT OF EDEN". I proceeded to tell her that said album had really grown on me, and it was one that I held in very high regards, but that Rich (my younger brother who was with us) didn't like it. I must have said it in a moderately condemning way, as she promptly told me that music is a very personal thing, and we should treat it as such. Although she was very nice in her delivery, it did put me in my place. Since then I have always respected one's right to love whatever music they want. Except Garth Brooks. Garth fans... there is NO excuse for you. Kidding, people... or am I?

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Ray Dahl said…
Why the super secret code? Glad I've got my decoder ring.

Cool story.