Rose Tattoo: A Trip Down Memory Lane...

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via FoxyTunes As you can see, I am currently engaged in listening to some Rose Tattoo. Imagine my surprise as I was browsing the Rock section at the Kearns Library. As ironic as it may be, I was only about five minutes walking distance from the ancestral home of the boy that introduced me to this great Australian band, when I was in 8th grade. His name was Nate Reading. We idolized Nate, because he was REAL Rock'n'Roll. Nate had hair down past his shoulders, perfectly feathered back. He was the bass guitar player in the Kennedy Junior High Jazz Band, and played a sweet Rickenbacker bass, just like Geddy Lee (of Rush). He was kind enough to take me under his "musical" wing, and expose me to some of the great bands in British Heavy Metal, Australian Hard Rock, among other things. He would make me sampler tapes featuring UFO, Rainbow, Judas Priest and of course...Rose Tattoo. Actually, I think he copied the entire LP of "Scarred For Life". The funny thing is that Nate used to consider Rose Tattoo to be the hardest Rock band in the world. I listen in retrospect, and it was more Blues/Rock, albeit ballsy Blues Rock. Regardless, Nate was responsible for introducing me to many a Metal band, and was one of the biggest factors in me becoming the obsessed music fan that I evolved into, back in Jr. High. Ah, the nostalgia of adolescence...

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