How could I forget??

So, I not only forget to list one of my favorite albums of all time, but I also left off an honorable mention for favorite concerts. I should stress the "honorable mention". Technically it wasn't anything to write home about, but it sounded good. The band: TRASHCAN SINATRAS. The album, "WEIGHTLIFTING". You will see that I updated my favorite album list to include it. Let me start by talking about "CAKE", the debut album from this Scottish band. "CAKE" should be listed in my favorite albums, and maybe I will do that, but for now let me talk about how great the album was. As enigmatic as the packaging was (good luck trying to get a clear image of the band, or who plays what), it housed some incredible songs. Great writing, great production, great arrangements. So, along came the second Trashcan record, which turned out to be a big disappointment. It had a couple of really good songs, up to par with the songs on Cake, but it wasn't nearly as consistent. CAKE was great from start to finish. I have since acquired a Japanese re-issue, which features 6 bonus tracks, ALL of which I enjoy. When do you find bonus tracks that are GOOD, let alone GREAT!?! Anyhow, so then comes a chance to see the band perform live, at Club DV8. I was so excited for this show. Probably more excited than about any show I saw during my adult life. And what a colossal letdown it was. I was hoping for some beautiful acoustic arrangements of all my favorite songs from CAKE, and all we got were hopped up, sped up electric arrangements of those songs. There was not an acoustic guitar to be seen during the entire set.

Fast forward, through the 1990s. More albums were released, and I would only inquire from my friend Craig, as to how they were. I would only get bad reports. I pretty much wrote this band off, as a one hit wonder.

Fast forward to 2004. I think. Don't quote me on that! Anyhow, along comes WEIGHTLIFTING. Craig tells me how good it is. He plays me some. I LOVE IT. I check the disc out of the library, and hear it in it's entirety. It is nothing short of amazing. I end up purchasing the signed Special Edition, which features a couple extra acoustic versions, as well as a DVD with an in studio performance. If you get the chance, get it. Watch the performance, and you will see just how great this band was, when they performed at Club Suede in Park City. Craig and I attended that show, and not only were there acoustic songs, but the band was much more concerned about their sound. So much that the stage show was nothing to write home about. It was SO very refreshing to hear a band that just wanted to SOUND GOOD. And that, they did. I am still waiting for a follow up, and let's hope that the several year wait will pay off. I will let you know...