POST #41: NO-MAN RETURN!! People of the world, CELEBRATE!! Now! It's NOT an option!

I wasn't going to post today, but I came across a most beautiful thing. Firstly, if you have read my blog in any great detail, you will know of my love for Porcupine Tree. Better yet, you will know of my love for the work of Steven Wilson, the brains behind Porcupine Tree...and Blackfield...and Bass Communion...and I.E.M...and Steven Wilson (of course)...and...and...and...NO-MAN. The band that actually introduced me to the creative genius of Steven Wilson. Anyhow, with Porcupine Tree becoming the monster that has not necessarily taken over, but definitely steered the musical world of Steven Wilson, at least for the last 8 years, our No-Man offerings have become rather sparse. But good news, everyone! In may, we will see the release of the 6th "official" full length No-Man CD. Not bad for a band that has been releasing music for the better part of 20 years. Anyhow, let me import some information that will hopefully better describe what kind of treat we are all in for...

New No-Man album Schoolyard Ghosts coming May 12th

Tim Bowness & Steven Wilson return with No-Man’s eagerly awaited sixth official album, and the band’s first since 2003’s atmospheric Together We’re Stranger.

Featuring the sweetly hypnotic Wherever There Is Light, the warped dynamics of Pigeon Drummer, the outsider lament of All Sweet Things, and the subtly evolving explorations of the uplifting semi-orchestral epic Truenorth, Schoolyard Ghosts reveals the band taking its accessible and ambitious blend of Post-Rock and Singer-songwriter influences to an even more focused and personalised place than before.
A distinctive combination of beautifully detailed songwriting, haunting melodies and inventively cinematic production.

Representing the band’s most consistent and mature work to date, the album looks set to build and improve upon the success of predecessors Returning Jesus and Together We’re Stranger.

Guest musicians include Porcupine Tree’s Colin Edwin and Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree/King Crimson), Bruce Kaphan (ex-American Music Club/Red House Painters), Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Dave Stewart (arranging The London Session Orchestra) & Theo Travis (David Sylvian/Nine Horses)

If you go to, and view the video there, you will see why I am so excited for this release. IF you appreciate atmospheric, melancholy music the way I do. The video is for one of the songs contained on the new album "Schoolyard Ghosts", and is actually an edit of a song that is 12-13 minutes on the actual album. This will prove to be my favorite album of the year, if this song is any indication of what we have to come. Investigate it for yourself, and let me know what you think...