Post #33: Falling in love with music, AGAIN...

I have failed to mention something that totally moved me, last year. I was at the library browsing things, when I found the new reissue of Depeche Mode's "VIOLATOR", featuring the remastered album, as well as the 5.1 Surround Sound mix of the album, complete with documentary. I checked the disc out, and completely bypassed the remastered CD, and headed for the surround sound mix. I perched myself on the couch, right in the center of the front three speakers, and angled the two rear speakers an equal distance beside my head. I don't have any fancy setup with my surround sound speakers, but merely the three front speakers on top of the entertainment center, and the two rear sitting on the ends of the couch. It works for me, and that is all that matters! When I heard the song Halo, with the opening notes... well, really, it's more like heavy breathing, but you know what I mean... I was completely blown away. The breathing was behind me, the music in front of me. Not only had this completely renewed my experience of Depeche Mode, but it renewed my love of music. I have since collected all the reissues from "Speak and Spell" up through "Violator". Some are more magical than others, but they are all a completely fresh listening experience. "Construction Time Again" features a song called "Pipeline", which is true Industrial music, being that a lot of the actual music was samples of metal clanks, grinding, etc., actually recorded and sampled from a construction site. Anyhow, this song never did much for me, but listening to the surround mix, with the metallic scratching moving in a complete square around your head, was incredible. If you are a fan of Depeche Mode, and you have the necessary equipment to listen to these, don't hesitate in picking them up. Not only is it a worthy trip down memory lane (if'n your 40ish, like myself), but it brings an entirely new dimension to the aural experience.

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