Post #34: Boosting blog visits with PORNOGRAPHY!

That's right folks, I am just going to spend a few minutes talking about The New Pornographers!! For those of you that are tired of Hugh Hefner and Larry Flint, this band is for YOU! All kidding aside, The New Pornographers are a breath of fresh air. I first came across them last fall, while watching an hour long episode of "On The Edge of Country", featuring interview segments and music videos from Neko Case. I have become a big fan of this reigning queen of Country Noir. Her haunting voice, and guitar work, most of which is on an old 1930's era Martin 4 string tenor guitar, are very moving to me. Anyhow, in her interview, she had mentioned how she was on tour with her other band, The New Pornographers. I decided to check one of their discs out of the library, and I was quite taken with the catchy, albeit very quirky, style of Pop music. The band has 7 (sometimes 8) members, and is led by A.C. Newman. Neko only sings vocals with the Pornographers, occasionally lead, mostly harmony. The band shows a definite amount of influence from the Pop music of the 60's, and are definitely a group to defy most genre classification. Considered Indie Rock, that would be the place to find them, in your favorite indie music store! So... to see if my experiment worked, if YOU came to this site, looking for a little flesh for fantasy, and all you found was this stupid post about this stupid Indie band, let me know! Post it in the comment section! And let's see how many perverts there are!!

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