Post #36: GET ON IT! (Please?)

I just wanted to make sure you didn't think I was being rude. With the 'please', that is. My brother Ray (hi, Ray) was the one that turned me on to this great program. If you go to, you can download the program to your computer. It is free, and (usually) easy to use. The great thing about LAST.FM, is that you can enter in a band that you love, or even one that you are curious about, and it will not only play you a song by that band, but it will cycle through a playlist of artists that are similar to the one you entered. For instance, if you were to enter in some 80's bands like The Thompson Twins, you would get a song by The Twins, and then a song by groups like ABC, Spandau Ballet, Ultravox, etc. If you were to type on Porcupine Tree, you would get a P Tree song, and then songs from bands like Spock's Beard, Blackfield (another Steven Wilson project), No-Man (yet ANOTHER Steven Wilson project), Dream Theater, etc.

I recommend you not only do it for your own listening pleasure, but it is a great way to hear some of the bands that I may mention here in the blog. I just purchased tickets to see EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, and I saw that the opening act was LICHENS. I have never of heard of them (him), so I did an internet search, to no avail. I then thought of LAST.FM, where I found a song by them (him). It is now cycling through a list of Ambient artists. Not too similar, but similar enough. I will go into Explosions In The Sky after I see them on Monday, but for those of you not familiar with them, CHECK 'EM OUT! On, of course! I just did, and I am now being treated to the instrumental wonders of EITS. Another great thing about the program, is that it gives you a rather detailed history of the band/artist, and teaches you quite a bit. Heaven knows I don't tell you nearly as much as I could/should.

Remember... It's as easy as that. Well, and setting up a profile.


Ray Dahl said… is evil. Because of I have been introduced to bands like: Riverside, Pure Reason Revolution, The Reasoning, Karnataka, Transatlantic. The list goes on, and do you think I'll ever be able to see one of these bands live. It's doubtful! What is a guy to do? Live vicariously through YouTube and MySpace. Sheesh!

You should check out my playlist.