Post #37: My greatest concert disappointments...

Early on in my blogging experiences, I shared with you my favorite concert moments throughout my lifetime. Today, it's the greatest disappointments. These disappointments will come in different forms. Some were just crappy shows, some were shows that never happened. Let's start with a couple shows that disappointed me for various reasons.

First, let's go back to 1988, or Spring, 1989. I truly can't remember. Anyhow, the venue was the Olpin Union Building at the University of Utah. The show: DEVO. That's right! DEVO. How could Devo POSSIBLY be a disappointing show, you ask? Well, let me explain. First, the show took forever to get started. I am always a little antsy at concerts, but this one seemed to take hours. Yes, I understand it wasn't hours (stay tuned for THAT experience), but it dragged. Then, when we finally thought the show was starting, we were treated to 20 minutes of Devo MUSIC VIDEOS! Now, don't get me wrong. I love Devo videos as much as the next guy, but I came for a live show! Finally, the band emerged, and I enjoyed what I could see. If you are familiar with the Union Building, you know that the view in the concert area is not the best. The band is only elevated about a foot or two over floor level, so you essentially got to see Devo HEADS performing. And lastly, the band only performed for 40 minutes or so. Maybe a little longer, but it wasn't nearly what a typical set would be. I guess they considered their music videos to be part of the set.

Next disappointment: MORRISSEY. This show was after the Bona Drag album had come out, which was essentially a collection of singles and b-sides from the first two Morrissey albums. Now, I'm sure you are all aware that The Moz has few (if any) good feelings for his former band, The Smiths, and so we were not treated to ANY Smith's songs. I am quite sure that he hasn't performed a single Smith's song since the band broke up. At least as a solo performer. I don't follow him enough to know if they have ever done a one-off reunion show. Anyhow, 45 minutes long... that's how long he performed. At least he was courteous enough to play "Suedehead", which is my favorite Morrissey song. Alas, a disappointment in every regard.

Another VERY disappointing show was in the Spring of 1986. I decided to take my sister, Kristy (who was then in 9th grade) to a concert of LLOYD COLE & THE COMMOTIONS. The opening act was a guy by the name of... a geez, I can't remember his name. I see the album cover in my mind, but I can't remember his name. Anyhow, he played. I was impressed enough with him to buy the album, unless I purchased it beforehand to acquaint myself with the songs. Either way, I own it... WAIT... it's coming, YES, Tommy Keene. That was his name. Anyhow, Tommy finishes his set, and we wait for The Commotions. Nearly an hour and a half go by, the crowd growing VERY restless and irritable, when Mike Summers (of KCGL radio) comes out to announce to the crowd that Lloyd Cole has come down with a throat infection, and the show was going to be postponed until the next evening. The next day, they inform us that the show will be postponed a week. Nearly a week later, we are informed that the show (and the Lloyd Cole/Commotions tour) had been cancelled. FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!!!

Okay, now for my most heartbreaking concert experience. Or lack, thereof. The year was 1996, it was my birthday. Early in the month of August, on a hot summer day, a group of friends and I planned on attending a concert by DEAD CAN DANCE, at Kingsbury Hall. Craig, Cuzzin' Brad, Skippy and I had been looking forward to this for months. It was to be a guys night out, at a phenomenal show. The afternoon of the show, the heartbreaking news hit the airwaves... the show was canceled due to a suffering Lisa Gerrard, who was experiencing a bout with the flu. The truly heartbreaking thing about this show (or lack, thereof), was the fact the show was NOT rescheduled, and the duo of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard went their separate ways only months later. Even a bigger disappointment was finding out, a few months ago, that they had actually done a reunion tour a couple years ago, and I had no knowledge of it. It would have been a worthy road trip, to say the very least. Anyhow, wipe away those tears... my positive experiences have outweighed the sour ones. Dead Can hoo...

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