So, I was just cleaning my room, and had a new DVD playing in the background. It is the 2003 Montreux performance of YES, and it got me to thinking. Yeah, yeah, I know that takes you by surprise. Me, watching a DVD, and getting another idea for a new post. So, anyhow, I was watching Steve Howe, and his effortless playing of the guitar. Not just the electric guitar, but classical nylon string guitar. It doesn't seem that there is anything that guy can't do on a guitar! It dawned on me that I hadn't done a post dedicated to my favorite guitarists. Now, unlike the last post, I don't think that I am going to be able to do a countdown. I think I just need to expound about some of my favorites. Now, I have listed ten or so of my favorites, and want you to vote on YOUR favorite. IF the list does not include any of YOUR favorites, then please click on "none of the above", and comment as to who your favorite is. I am not leaving any restrictions of genre. It can be Blues, Rock, Folk, you name it.

So, to top off MY list, and the man I consider to be MY overall favorite guitarist, you will find PAT METHENY. For those of you not familiar with the work of Pat Metheny, he is a Jazz guitarist, that occasionally ventures out into different waters. He is one of the most intense guitarist you will ever see. Just to look at his face, while he plays, gives you the idea that he is in some kind of pain. The truly remarkable think about his playing, is how fast his fingers move on the fretboard, while he is PICKING each note, with a plectrum. NOT his fingers. Not to mention, he is extremely educated, having a Masters in music, if I am not mistaken.

As far as Rock guitarists are concerned, I have a few. I have recently become obsessed with the work of Tom Morello, who plays guitar for Audioslave, as well as Rage Against The Machine. At this point, he is probably best known for being your first "battle" on Guitar Hero III. Tom does things with an electric guitar that blow my mind. They may not take the greatest talent (although I am inclined to believe that he is very much talented), but the sounds he creates are groundbreaking. Listen to Audioslave, if you want to get the full effect. And then grab your psuedo-Les Paul, and take him on in Guitar Hero III.

Another great guitarist from the newer generation of Rock guitarists is John Frusciante. He is best known for his work with Red Hot Chili Peppers, but you will hear him elsewhere. I believe he did some time with Janes Addiction, but needless to say, this guy is good.

Another of my favorite Rock guitarists, is David Gilmour. See my last post, if you want to get the gist of why he is one of my favorites. The man can make a guitar cry. That makes ME want to cry, and just ask Mrs. Dahl, nothing makes me cry. You can take almost any Pink Floyd album, and you will get his moody, bluesy guitar. Speaking of Blues, let me mention John Mayer. This guy had a few Pop radio hits early in his career, but he has since spent time playing with some of HIS influences. Namely one Eric Clapton. Slowhand. Another guy who can make his guitar cry. And if you haven't seen the live work of John Mayer, you will see why he makes MY list. He is incredibly talented, and can even make some nice Pop music.

Back to Rock. And let's get to the two boys of Yes. Steve Howe and Trevor Rabin. Both having their stints with this classic Prog Rock band, they both make my list. Most people would probably list Steve Howe as their favorite, mainly because his ratio of playing with Yes would be about 95% to Trevor Rabin's 5%. But Trevor's 5% are enough to make him one of my favorite Rock guitarists of all time.

Going back to Blues, I need to add another couple of guys to my list. And probably the poll, as well. Buddy Guy, and the truly great guitarist that he influenced, Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughan. How could I have forgotten him on the initial list?? The guy was incredible, and probably my favorite Blues guitarist, although Buddy gets props for being one of the originators of that style of Blues. And he plays a mean guitar. Polka dots and all.

As for Classic Rock, we definitely have Steve Howe, but let's add Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. The two Jimmis. I have to fuse their names together, as to be fair. The solo at the end of "Stairway To Heaven", as cliche as it may be, is one of my favorites. Another one that makes me want to cry. WANT being the keyword, people. I know there are many other notables... Slash, Robert Fripp (another guy that SHOULD be on the poll, but most people would probably not vote for him, so I won't bother), not to mention Clapton and Gilmour. All "classic" guitarists.

So, that's probably enough rambling. Let's see what YOU think. Let me know. Let my friends know. They may be as curious as me. Might I say, GRACIAS?? Si.... gracias.

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