A tidbit of trivia for your "Gee Whiz file"! #1

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First off, I need to officially thank Cuzzin' Brad for the term "Gee Whiz File". It's his. I'm just using it. Anyhow, I have decided that once a week, if not more often, I am going to share an interesting piece of music trivia, that I have come across. Today, we are going to share an interesting tidbit of information about an 80's Electro-Pop group called, SEONA DANCING. Now, my exposure to this group goes back about 12 years or so. When I was employed at Tom Tom Music, an independent music store that used to exist throughout Utah, I had come across several compilations of Razormaid mixes. For those of you not familiar with Razormaid mixes, they were remixes of popular club tunes (mostly Electro-Pop artists such as Depeche Mode, New Order, etc.) which were sold via a subscription service, to club disc jockeys. The great thing about Razormaid mixes, is that they were exclusive mixes, and not sold in stores. Some of the best Depeche Mode mixes were Razormaid mixes. Anyhow, on one of these compilations was a song by Seona Dancing. The song was called, "BITTER HEART. So, a couple weeks ago, I am listening to a Ricky Gervais podcast, where he is listing his desert island top 10 list. This is apparently a British radio program, where celebrities come on and list the ten songs that they would take to a desert island. In the process of the interview, it is mentioned how Ricky used to be the vocalist of a band called Seona Dancing. I was floored! For those of you not familiar with Ricky Gervais, he is a British actor/comedian/writer and co-creator of the original British series, "THE OFFICE". Yes, it is the show that was ripped off by the American's, and successfully replicated. Ricky has also done a series called, EXTRAS, where he plays a struggling actor, who just works as an extra on film sets.

I am including a picture of Ricky Gervais, both then and now, as well as a link to a youtube.com video. You will find it entertaining...


Although the New Romantic/New Wave duo never released a full length album, they did do two singles, as well as the video for "Bitter Heart". I also did a web search and came across a website dedicated to the duo.

Enjoy! Heaven knows, Ricky Gervais isn't enjoying this exposure. He always seems very embarrassed about ever doing this musical project. Speaking of Ricky Gervais. Go to iTunes and subscribe to his podcast. I was listening to a podcast yesterday, and it was one of the funniest things I have ever heard. Just an idea, if you want some fresh comedy.

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olymoly said…
Thanks for the link to your blog - I checked out your eclectic group of favorite bands and music - unique, like you! One thing you need to add - another box on the "favorite type of music" list for ska & punk (the stuff that is played on stereos and on guitar/bass in the basement constantly). That will get my vote!
Uncle Zeke said…
Thanks for looking, Linda. Unfortunately, because my older brother has already voted, I cannot do any editing of the ballot. I ask your apology for not including Ska/Reggae on the original ballot. It will NEVER happen again. Oh, and hey... are you doing camp, this year?