POST #42: 80's Fans, 'tis YOUR year...

Wow.... hmmm, I seem to say "wow" a lot. Maybe I should watch that. It used to be "anyhow" that was the most abused word in my vocabulary. With this blog? Wow. Maybe it goes back to my days as an obsessed Kate Bush fan, hearing "wow, wow, wow, wowoooo" over and over. ANYHOW... (hey, did you catch that joke?) on the post. I have been researching the upcoming concerts for the greater Salt Lake area, and have found several that excite me. First off, there is a big show featuring many of my favorite 80's bands (although most do not exist in their original form) and Dead Or Alive. Yeah, THAT will be a test of my patience, even though I used to love them back in 83-84. Anyhow, coming to the Usana Amphitheater is a big show, featuring: ABC, HUMAN LEAGUE, NAKED EYES, DEAD OR ALIVE and BELINDA CARLISLE. The show is August 7, and a timely birthday present for myself. Yeah, it's five days late, but who cares? Anyhow, that should prove to be good. I have never seen ANY of those artists, and would really like to see four of them. Well, 3 1/2. Belinda isn't a top priority. Heaven knows, the "Heaven On Earth" video still puts me in a catatonic state of shell-shock. I will NEVER forgive Diane Keaton for that video. Sorry, Diane. It just sucks. Plain and simple. Anyhow, three of the most famous line-up of The Human League are still together. That would be Philip Oakey and the two ladies. And, as far as ABC is concerned, you still have Martin Fry, who's crooning is some of the best that the 80's had to offer. Naked Eyes was only two guys, originally, and since the Fisher half of the band has since passed on, it will be hard for him to be at the show. But, you have Mr. Burns (not THAT Mr. Burns) still singing the vocals, and heaven knows, anyone can play the keyboards. Speaking of Mr. Burns, let's talk Pete Burns, of Dead or Alive. As a matter of fact, let's do some "then and now" pictures. That will be good fun. Okay, I had MY fun. Now, it's YOUR turn. I have included the pictures, and you can see the difference between Pete Burns in the early 80's, and now. His lips are now bigger than my buttocks. And I am NOT the skinniest guy on the block. Judge for yourself.

Well, I can't seem to get the pictures to stay put, so I will keep on writing. Well, maybe not, since I have pretty much covered the things I needed to. You closet 80's fans out there? Yeah, I'm talking to you. Yeah, YOU, the guy with the Molly Ringwald picture pinned up in your work cubicle. Yeah, I saw it, don't try and hide it. And heaven forbid, don't be ashamed. Now, as soon as you print out the picture of big lipped Pete Burns, THAT is the time I call you out to the world. Your secret loves will NEVER be secret, again.


Anonymous said…
YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! Sean, Thanks for the heads up on this concert I'm so out of the loop I would have never known!

Jen :)