POST #44: Please... Won't you be my friend?

So, over the past couple days I have really become enamored with LAST.FM. Yeah, yeah, I know... I've covered this, but hear me out! I have been busy creating my own playlists, and have been looking at my "neighbors" accounts, and have witnessed how this great program will put you in communities with people who have similar tastes. Well, to be honest, I must be renting in the neighborhood that I am currently in, because I came to the conclusion last evening, that all my "neighbors" are big Paramore fans. Now, I am not knocking Paramore. I have seen them in concert (Warped Tour 2007), and really enjoyed the spunky stage presence of little Hayley whatever-her-name-is. BUT, because my daughters were raving Paramore fans, it seems that they played them enough on my iPod to lump me with all these other Paramore fans.

I guess I should go into more detail about the way that LAST.FM is set up. First, you can "scrobble" your iTunes information with your LAST.FM account, and it is updated every time you listen to your iTunes, or sync your iPod. AMAZING! You can click on one of your neighbors and see what they have been listening to, not to mention HOW LONG AGO they were listening to that particular artist. If George W. was going to have his lackeys pay attention to the music that I was listening to, all in the name of "fighting terrorism", I would probably be a little hesitant about that, but since he ISN'T, I am ALL about letting EVERYONE know what I have been listening to. GO! LOOK! NOW! (just click on the link to MY profile on the upper left side of this blog...hee hee), see what I've been listening to. Or my daughters. Yeah, those little "pains in the buttocks" like to pick it up and listen to The Used, or any other Emo Band o' The Week. Of course, mine is a little misleading. I have been listening to books on CD that I have put on my iPod. Lisa Gardner books. So don't think that SHE is a music artist. She's not. I just need to pull my head out of my buttocks, and remember not to scrobble those particular things. Anyhow, it's INFINITELY interesting.

But let's face it, folks. I don't want you to just be my neighbors. Just ask MY neighbors. I can be a reclusive person, and I don't socialize with my neighbors much, BUT I do socialize with my friends. So, sign up, and invite ME to be YOUR friend. Currently I am friends with my brother and sister-in-law. I can always tell what they are listening to, as they can also tell what I am listening to. Not to mention, you can always send recommendations to your friends. That has introduced me to artists, as my brother has also had the pleasure of me introducing him to some new things. For instance, I sent him a "shout" (a message) telling him about Zoe Keating, an incredible cellist, who uses a sampling computer to loop sounds she makes, creating an entire symphony of sounds...LIVE. Yeah, if that sounds interesting to YOU, go to, and search Zoe Keating. Anyhow, I got the reply from my brother, sarcastically telling me thanks for introducing him to someone who he immediately felt inclined to spend his precious money on! Anyhow, you get the point.

Check it out, folks. I want any readers I have here, even if it is only three people, to become my LAST.FM friends. It's a fun community, and always fun to check. So, you can find it at NOT .com. NOT .net. NOT .gov. .FM!!