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First, folks, I need to apologize for going over a week without a post on this blog. I have posted several times on my other blogs, but the music shouldn't be neglected for this long! This morning, I was casing my mail route, and decided to listen to music. I used to listen to the Radio From Hell morning show (X-96 KXRK) faithfully, where I actually became a regular winner of the various prizes that they would give out. Last year, I actually received a tax form to file with my taxes, because I had won over $800.00 in prizes. The bulk of that was the complete DVD set of "24", seasons 1-5, as well as a Samsung mp3 player. Anyhow, this post isn't about ANY of that. Except for the fact that I wasn't listening to Radio From Hell, because I am intentionally NOT trying to win anything for a while. Instead, I was listening to music, as I have begun podcasting RFH, and find it more entertaining to listen to it during the day. So, one of my habits is that of singing while I am casing. My voice is decent (not bragging, as I don't think it's great, but it doesn't suck), so it generally doesn't bother anyone. I tend to put on music that either gets me singing (it's gotta be in my 1st Tenor range) or dancing. Today, it was singing. Today, it was U2. I listened to both "WAR" and "THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE", two consecutive albums from the early 80's. It dawned on me how significant this band has been for the past 30 years. Well, I guess their significance would only go back 24-25 years, when they really blossomed in popularity. "War" was a significant success, with three marginal hits, including "New Years Day", "Two Hearts Beat As One" and "Sunday, Bloody Sunday". The thought occurred to me that U2 will probably be ranked just below The Beatles, when it comes to important bands in music history. Now, before you Beatles fans start throwing out the comments, I do understand that The Beatles achieved what they did, in less than a decade. U2's rise to fame was a little slower, and definitely has had it's peaks and valleys. But, even in their defense, when "POP" came out, back in 1997, they were still filling some awfully big stadiums. The album didn't fare that well (in comparison to some of their other albums), and it was rushed out because of the pending tour, but it does have some of MY personal favorite songs. "Gone" being one of them. Regardless, I thought I would just write my short piece about the little band from Dublin, Ireland, that took over the world.

From their teenage roots with the album "Boy", to the forthcoming album (being produced by Rick Rubin, so it'll be good...), this band has proven their importance not only in the world of Rock and Roll, but in the world we call Earth, as well. The organization "ONE", which was partially Bono's baby, is responsible for raising awareness of global poverty, as well as disease. I am registered with "One", and try and do my part electronically. Do your part and get online and register. All you need to is send the occasional e-mail to our world's leaders. It's easy, and it DOES make a difference.

Many of you may not like all of the band's music, but I think most people love and respect some of their music. Allow me to list a few of my favorites...

1. THE JOSHUA TREE (one of the finest albums... ever)
2. UNDER A BLOOD RED SKY (the concert video filmed in 1983 at Red Rocks, Colorado... one of the greatest concert videos ever filmed. I still regret selling my original VHS copy, which features the long out of print version of "THE ELECTRIC CO.)
3. POPMART TOUR 1997 (yeah, I'm partial... because it is the only time I have seen them live, even twice!)
4. THE HANDS THAT BUILT AMERICA/ELECTRICAL STORM (the two non-lp tracks included on the "Best of...1990-2000) compilation. Wow... if ALL their music from the past 15 years sounded THAT good.
5. BULLET THE BLUE SKY (any and ALL performances of this great song)

Anyhow, enough of my yakkin'. I will list a bunch of U2 songs. Tell me which is YOUR favorite. And as always, if yours is one not listed, feel free to comment. Tell us what YOU love...

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the captain said…
hey uncle zeke, thx for your U2 post. i love 'windows in the skies.' sweet sweet melody and a really uplifting lyric. i can never listen to it just once. it also reminds me of the vertigo tour down under in 06 which was so rockin'.
April said…
oh I can't choose a favorite U2 song!! So I chose 5 favorites!!