BONEYARD MEDIA: Your Source For All Things...Obscure?

I just meandered over to the blog created by my adolescent chum, Kim Simpson. Now, I have spoken of Kim before, but to summarize in 50 words or less, Kim was my best friend growing up. He and I ventured through all kinds of music, as teenagers. Kim has gone on to big things, both as a recording artist, singer/songwriter, and scholar. His blog "", is his foray into obscure Pop/Rock music of the 60's and 70's. I used to think I knew a lot about music, until I read Kim's blog. Go ahead, folks... take a gander... but promise me that you'll come back and look at my somewhat basic musical posts.

You can join me in curious wonder, as you try to figure just who Kendell Kardt is. Yeah, lots of posts... lots of enigmatic looks on my face.
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