I feel kinda dirty... really...

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Why do I feel dirty? Is it because I've been looking at midget porn? No. Although midgets are kinda cool. No, they are totally BOSS. But midgets engaged in acts of... no, now I'm feeling REALLY dirty. But why did I feel dirty, originally? Let me tell you why...

For Father's Day, my daughter Briana gave me $15.00 cash, to spend on whatever I wanted. So, Saturday night...well, technically Sunday morning (it was 12:30 A.M.), we were wandering the aisles of Wal-Mart (in Tooele, Utah), looking for the JVC earbud headphones, for my wife. I have always listened to headphones to bed, and it hasn't been until recently that Tiffany has started doing the same. She listens to New Age music, or nature sounds intertwined with music. And Wal-Mart is the only store that carries them, locally. Now, the very thought (and act) of shopping at Wal-Mart makes me feel dirty. At least I can be comforted knowing that there was no utilization of underage Chinese slave labor, making those earbuds. So, I don't feel THAT dirty. Well, at least until I bought something for Father's Day.

Was it a t-shirt that says, "I lift my weights 12 oz. at a time", with a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon? Nope. Was it a t-shirt that says, "Official Bikini Inspector"? Uh-uh. Well, Zeke... WHAT WAS IT?

It was Michael Jackson's newly reissued 25th Anniversary copy of "THRILLER". The CD proudly boasts the fact that it is the "best selling album of all time". Now, having worked in music stores for many years of my adult life, I have always been convinced that this fact was NOT really true. I know that during my 7 years of music retail experience, we sold very few copies of that album. I have always been convinced that Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" held that honor, as it ALWAYS sold hand over fist, and has been reissued multiple times, creating MORE and MORE sales.

I had never purchased a copy of THRILLER, and had really vowed not to. I didn't want to give Michael any more money (he definitely hasn't lacked it), but have recently justified this purchase by considering all the amusement (outside of the music world) that Michael has given us over the years. From the Elephant Man bones to the oxygen chamber, it's ALL GOOD!

In reality, my real purpose for buying the album, is that I am a big fan of the production of Quincy Jones (he really created any magic to be found on that album), as well as Toto. Several members of Toto are the backing band on a good half of the songs, from Steve Lukather, to the Porcaro brothers. AND, it is the song "Human Nature", that really possessed me to buy the album. That song is truly beautiful, and it was co-written by one of the Porcaro brothers. IT is worth the price of admission.

So, Michael gets a little more royalty money... from me... and it makes me feel a little dirty, but hey... it's better than midget porn!!

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