WARPED TOUR '08: My Daddy/Daughter(s) Date!

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Once again, striving for that "Father of the Year" award, I took all three daughters (as well as assorted friends) to the Van's Warped Tour, on Saturday, June 28th. For those of you not familiar with the Van's Warped Tour, it is an all day festival, including 30+ Punk/Alternative/Ska/Emo and... well, Jeffrey Starr. Who is Jeffrey, you ask? He's a transvestite Techno singer.

Wow... SPELL CHECK UPDATE!! Spell Check accepted "transvestite", but rejected "Techno". Weird, wild stuff.

Back to the Warped Tour. I will include a few photos, including some from the bands that we went to see.

First up: ANBERLIN. Probably my favorite Emo/Alternative band... and even classified as a Christian band, by iTunes. I have been a big fan since I first discovered them, a year and a half ago. The singer, Stephen Christian (no pun intended) is a true humanitarian. He spends all his personal time doing humanitarian work in Third World countries. What a stallion.

Next up, we treated ourselves to "REEL BIG FISH". Nothing satisfies the soul like a Ska band that incorporates some good humor, and great Retro 80's classics (A-Ha's TAKE ON ME) into their repertoire. Not to mention, a band that proves that they are "masters...MASTERS" of ALL types of music. They took one song, and performed it as Ska, Speed Metal and Honky Tonk Country.

Not to mention, there were plenty of "Free Hugs" going around...

We were also treated to NINETEEN NINETY SEVEN (1997), one of Chelsea's favorite bands. They were incredible live, proving to have some of the finest stage presence that I have seen in quite some time.

Most of my day was spent with Briana, who attempted "crowd surfing" a couple of times... one time successfully, one time getting dropped on her head, as the Reel Big Fish crowd decided it was time to start a "Skank circle". Skanking is a form of dancing associated with Ska, just to clarify any misconceptions that you may have formed.

One of the biggest treats for me, was the discovery of two great Pop/Alternative female singer/songwriters.

The first took her name from a wonderful song by The Cure. "CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES", is her name, and singin' is her game. I had heard a couple of songs, and was intrigued, but after seeing her perform, I was a truly converted fan.

Another great discovery was one that Briana wanted to check out. Katy Perry! She apparently has an underground hit (unless I am the one living underground, and it is surface level) called "I Kissed a Girl". Her album is great. Truly good Pop music. I recommend it for all those of you who miss quirky Pop music like we loved back in the 80's. It doesn't sound too Retro, but it satisfies those 80's urges. Her band even wore white Polo shirts with pink ties, and white shorts. How New Wave is THAT??

But, the biggest shock of the day, was getting dragged to see Jeffree Star. I had no clue who this guy was, but the kids did mention that he dresses like a woman. Okay, so a transvestite. I grew up with Dead or Alive and Boy George, so I was ready for anything. Or so I thought...

Jeffree is apparently an internet sensation, but definitely from a very crass corner of the internet.

A WARNING TO ALL: If you are sensitive to obscene material (musically speaking), do NOT research Jeffree. And if you disregard my advice, don't say I didn't warn you.
I was standing with Briana, and she couldn't understand most of what Jeffree said, and I flat out told her that I would NOT repeat it, and if she didn't hear it the first time, she was plum out of luck.

Here are a few pics...

And know that Jeffree Star is a showman of the first degree. He controlled that crowd.

And the most shocking revelation, was the fact that the drummer is a Utah boy, and one that grew up Mormon, to top it off.

But folks, I have saved the best for last. I spent my last little bit of time listening to "Say Anything", who was playing just beyond the "fabulous" pink tent belonging to Jeffree Star, where he was signing autographs and taking pictures. I had no interest in the signature, but I did get my picture taken with Mr. Star...

Do you like?

So, after nine long hours of near 100 degree heat, I survived my third Warped Tour, in as many years. What a daddy does, to bond with his girls...


Kate said…
BRAVO! You are an awesome Papa! Kevin Federline only *wishes* he could be as cool as you!!!