Bluegrass Festival: YEAR FIVE!

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via FoxyTunes I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that I spent Saturday at the 20th Annual Founders Title/Snowbird Folk and Bluegrass Festival.

It is my fifth year volunteering at the festival, which up until this point, has been a fun endeavor. It has been a tradition for me to do this with my brother-in-law, Tracey. However, this year, Tracey canceled out on me, two days before the festival. I was able to recruit Briana, my 14 year old daughter. She was originally excited, but that changed as she began to regret the decision to help, knowing that she would be missing one of her parties. This girl has parties pert near EVERY WEEK! It's tedious, to say the least.

Anyhow, after our three hour shift of covering the merchandise tent, we spent the afternoon and early evening watching the entertainment. There was some great music, especially that of Carrie Rodriguez. Carrie's career came to fruition in the thriving music city of Austin, Texas. She was discovered by Chip Taylor, who most of you probably don't know by name. Let's just say that Chip is well known, in his own right. Chip composed "Wild Thing", made famous by several bands, including my personal favorite... X!

Anyhow, in addition to Carrie, Tim O'brien was on the bill. He performed solo, although he used a variety of instruments. Chatham County Line also graced the stage, tearing it up with their unique brand of Bluegrass music. In addition to these big names, there were several singer/songwriters that performed the Folk side of things.

Now is the part where I need to be honest. This year, my heart was not in it. I don't know if it originated with the fact that my usual cohort was not there, but I just grew more and more tired, and less and less enthused about the Bluegrass. I thoroughly enjoyed being up in the cool Snowbird resort, enjoying clean, fresh and COOL air, but I just couldn't get into it. I ended up throwing in the towel at around 8:00. I regret that decision today, as I missed the headliner. CHERRYHOLMES is not a household name, but they are an immensely talented family. Led by Ma and Pa, the group is rounded up with 4 children, most of which are still in their teens. These guys are incredibly talented, and apparently put on a fantastic show. I wish I could have made it through the 1 1/2 hour Tim O'brien set, to make it to Cherryholmes... but I didn't. I got Briana back to her party, and I went home to vegetate for the rest of the evening.

I don't know if it is due to the fact that my heart is just not in the acoustic music at the moment, and after the Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick show the night before, I was feeling like a rocker at heart (no pun intended). That may have to do with the fact that I recently purchased a bass guitar, and I am focusing my attention on bass riffs in Rock music.

Whatever the case, another year has come and gone. Am I glad I went? Sure. Am I glad it's over? You betcha...

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Anonymous said…
Hey, I'm getting old too (LOL). My fav of the fest (by far) was Carrie Rodriguez. I felt like I was seeing her for the first time even though I'd seen her a few times years ago with Chip Taylor. So much better on her own and so self assured now. Wish they'd let her play longer...