I was just taking care of some business on one of my e-mail accounts, where I pulled up some four years ago. I found a photo that my good friend Cuzzin' Brad had sent to me, taken at a small, by-invitation-only, live acoustic performance of TEARS FOR FEARS. Now, I was in high school during the heyday of Tears For Fears (The Hurting/Songs From The Big Chair era), and was always a fan.

Four years ago, one of the area radio stations (the one that Cuzzin' worked for, at the time) was giving away seats to an intimate acoustic performance of this great band. Now, not only was this special, because of the size group that was involved (100 or so people), but it was done in an actual studio. ALSO, for those who didn't really follow the career of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith (TFF), you also know that this is the first series of promotional performances that they had done TOGETHER, since 1990-91. The two had went their separate ways after "The Seeds of Love", Roland continuing on as TFF, Curt doing solo material, including a stint under the pseudonym, "MAYFIELD". His tag line? Curt is Mayfield. Get it?? Curtis Mayfield? Huh, how clever is THAT?

Anyhow, fast forward to the acoustic performance. My cousin Mike, who is also a huge fan of TFF (or was, at the time) had won two spots to this performance. But as luck would have it (or NOT, for Mike), he had a business trip at the same time. He called Rich, my brother, and asked him if he wanted the spots. Rich gladly accepted (being a HUGE Tears For Fears fan), and he promptly called me. I found out about it, the day before the show, and arranged to get off work early.

The performance started nearly an hour late, and as was blatantly obvious, the duo of Curt and Roland were still harboring bad feelings. You could sense the negativity between the two. Either way, they performed four or five acoustic numbers, including some material from their forthcoming album (which didn't come out for at least six months, after the performance), as well as acoustic versions of a couple of their biggest hits, including "Everybody Wants to Rule the World". Either way, Cuzzin' Brad took a picture of us, including a couple of ladies from the Murray area. We didn't know them, but it was imperative that pictures were taken with at least four fans.

So, enjoy this long lost picture of Rich, myself (green shirt), Curt, Roland and the two ladies from Murray. And a trip down Memory Lane... well, at least for me.


Kate said…
I cannot freaking BELIEVE you have a freaking PHOTO of your freaking SELF with ROLAND FREAKING ORZABAL!!!

You blow my mind, man.

Best TFF Album: Raoul and The Kings of Spain.