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Tonight was the first night of the 2008 Twilight Concert Series, in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City. For details about the series, and the line up, click here...
I mainly wanted to attend, to see The Roots. I have not heard much of their music, but after exploring, I found a couple of videos that seemed intriguing. Although a Hip-Hop group, they play their own instruments (including a tuba, up on stage), and incorporate several styles of Jazz, into their sound.

BUT, the opening act...The Knux. Typical Hip-Hop (i.e... "Let me see you put your mother f'ing hands together, Salt Lake City", while two guys exchange rhymes, and one guy fidgets with a lap-top computer, behind the scenes), with no real creativity, or talent. I mean, at least RUN-DMC and The Beastie Boys have an actual DJ spinning the wax (vinyl), as part of the music. NOT amusing.

And then to top it all off, I had two of my daughters, one with a friend, who were not completely on board for this show. Yes, Chelsea was the most enthusiastic, but with her friend Brittany, they complained most of the show, and just wanted to get home, and on with their sleepover plans. Briana was a little weary of the crowd (and let me say, this was the most intense crowd I have ever seen at a Twilight Concert), and didn't necessarily want to leave, but she didn't want to be in the thick of the crowd... and it was ALL the thick of the crowd. Even I, the concert soldier, was ready to pack it in after only a few songs from The Roots.

BUT, all is NOT lost. Tomorrow night (well, tonight, as it is nearly 2 AM) I get to enjoy Cheap Trick (YES!), Heart and Journey. And it looks like we will be bringing Briana and one of her friends. Jade (her friend) has NEVER been to a concert, and is obsessed with all things 80's. Although a big David Bowie fan (awesome finding a 15 year old obsessed with the Thin White Duke), she loves Journey and Heart. It'll be fun seeing a true music enthusiast enjoy her first show.

And then Saturday, I do my annual volunteer work at the Founders Title Folk and Bluegrass Festival, located up at Snowbird, one of Utah's most popular ski and summer resorts. I look forward to that experience, each and every year. This year, Tracey (my brother-in-law, who has accompanied me every year, for the last four years) canceled out on me, so I will be taking Briana. She always seems to be the daughter that loves going to concerts of all sorts. And she really gets into them... whether it be skanking (a Ska dance), or crowd surfing, she loves to live it up. Although there will be no crowd surfing at Journey or the Bluegrass festival, there will be heaps'o'good tunes.

Check back for some more reviews...

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