Ten Bands/Artists I want to see in concert before I die!

I was pondering a great many things, as I was tromping the beat of my mail route, and I began to think about the bands/artists that I would like to see before I die. Now, i have seen hundreds of bands play, during my lifetime, but there are a handful that I have never seen. Some are probably impossible, at this point, but most may still be accomplished. We shall see! I will list them in no particular order.

1. PINK FLOYD: Yes, this is one that will (probably) never come to pass. Although they have never officially "broken up", they have not recorded anything new in 14 years, and have not toured in at least 12-13 years. There is something magical about the guitar playing of David Gilmour, mixed with the amazing light show, that make this band one that I will always regret not seeing. Apparently the band wanted to come to Salt Lake on their last tour, but did not, because our biggest stadium (at the time), was not big enough. If it would have been after the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, we would have probably seen them. Ah, wasted pipe dreams...

2. PETER GABRIEL: Maybe a possibility in the future, although he has never played in Salt Lake City. I wouldn't put it past Peter to do another album, complete with a North American tour. It would warrant a road trip, without a doubt. Two of my favorite live DVDs are the product of this truly artistic musician.

3. MARK KNOPFLER/DIRE STRAITS: Well, I have nobody to blame (but myself) for not seeing Mark Knopfler, as he was here in town a mere two weeks ago. But, that doesn't stop him from being on the list of people I want to see. I was not a huge Dire Straits fan, when they were in their commercial heyday, but have really grown to love their more moody music, including the solo (and collaborative) music of Mark Knopfler. From his haunting movie soundtrack music (The Princess Bride), to the deep album cuts of old Dire Straits music, this man has created some truly beautiful music.

4. NO-MAN: One of the original projects of Progressive Rock mastermind STEVEN WILSON, No-Man is a band that rarely plays live, let alone embarking on a tour. I don't believe that the band has ever played in North America, although there may have been some touring in the early 90's. Porcupine Tree (his most successful project) was originally formed to help financially subsidize the No-Man project. Where Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness (No-Man vocalist and co-writer) have continued to record during the rise of Porcupine Tree, they have rarely performed. This month, they will be playing one or two shows in England, but that is the extent of their live performances (at least at this point).

5. STEELY DAN: Another band that has resumed recording, as well as touring, they are a band that I would like to see live. Although the backing band would probably be the more impressive bunch of musicians, Steely Dan has always been a truly talented collective. And with the possibility of seeing Michael McDonald sing his infamous "Peg", I would truly be in musical heaven. Yes, I understand The Silver Fox (Michael McDonald) doesn't regularly tour with the Dan, he has been known to occasionally perform with them.

6. SAGA: This great Canadian Progressive Rock band from the 80's (and 90's... and 00's) probably don't set foot on American soil much, but they still perform. Mostly they just perform in Europe. Lucky Europeans... they get all the good live music.

7. THE TALKING HEADS: Although it will probably be a cold day in Hell before this band reunites, I would be remiss if I did not include them on the list. If you wonder why, then just go watch "Stop Making Sense", the concert film directed by Jonathan Demme... the guy who brought you "The Silence of the Lambs". Yeah, mister!

8. JOHN MAYER: Well, he'll be in town in a couple weeks. Maybe I can make it.
Oh, for those of you who think John is just a sissy chick magnet, check out his guitar playing. He has a new live album, if you need that to assist you.

9. AL STEWART: Not only is Al one of the most talented Singer/Songwriters, but he is a master storyteller. Sometimes I just need to hear a good bedtime story! If only Peter White still played with him...

10. DAVID BOWIE: Do I REALLY need to explain why?

There you go folks. Just a few of the people I need to see. SO THERE!