TWO MORE CONCERTS!! (I am getting behind!)

I wanted to do two separate posts for the last two concerts I attended, but for the sake of time, let's do a free-for-all, shall we??

First up, another great (FREE!) concert at the Gallivan Center, in downtown Salt Lake City. Every summer, we are treated to two months of free concerts, on Thursday nights. The "Twilight Concert Series" bring thousands of people to one city block, to enjoy the music of several notable recording artists. In years past, I have been treated to the sounds of Patty Griffin, Buckwheat Zydeco, Moe., Jerry Douglas (from Alison Krauss and Union Station), Bluegrass legends Earl Scruggs and Doc Watson, Richard Thompson, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Cracker,

among others.

Usually, the artists have been Americana, Bluegrass, Folk or something similar. Over the past couple years, things have become a little more eclectic. You may have seen my blog post for last week's concert, a performance by Hip-Hop band, The Roots.

This week, things took a Folk and Indie Rock direction. Thursday evening's show began with Moscow, Idaho native JOSH RITTER. A great singer/songwriter, even drawing comparisons to Bob Dylan, Josh is truly a pleasure to see in concert. Always singing with a smile on his face, and sharing stories, there was never a dull moment.

Go to LAST.FM, check out his profile, and listen to some songs. Or, do one better, and fire up one of his great videos (including live performances). The link is:

Headlining Thursday evening's Twilight Concert, was the truly remarkable (and wonderfully fresh) sounds of ANDREW BIRD.

Once at the LAST.FM site, search Andrew Bird. Andrew began playing violin at the age of four, and it shows. An incredible violinist, not to mention the plethora of other instruments that he has mastered, this guy is an act that needs to be seen live. I have one of his albums on my iPod, but the live experience completely exceeded my expectations. Andrew began his set by doing a solo song on violin, utilizing a sampler, where he captured his own sounds, and layered them piece by piece, creating a tapestry of sound, all created by his violin. INCREDIBLE!

This show proved to be one of the better Twilight Concerts that I have ever seen.


For the past 6 months, the city of Salt Lake has been awaiting Saturday, July 19th. At least 20,000 of us. Tonight was the return of The Police, touring for the first time in 25 years. Rumors are circulating about how the band is barely holding things together, trying to get the tour over with, so they can "get back to their lives", but you wouldn't have known it. The Police were tight, and just reiterated how important their place is in Rock and Roll history.

My main desire in going to this concert, was to see Stewart Copeland. If you remember seeing my blog post about my favorite drummers, Stewart was 2nd on the list. He was mesmerizing to watch, and well worth the price of admission. Also, Andy Summers proved (to me) how he is the master of atmospheric guitar. Not just that, but Mr. Summers is from my mum's hometown of Bournemouth, England! Yeah, baby, yeah! There are actually several musicians from Bournemouth, especially in the early 70's Progressive Rock movement. Note to self: Blog Post about the talent coming from the tiny coastal resort town of Bournemouth!

Sting? Well, Sting is entertaining to watch... at least when he's not performing his own material from the last 15-18 years. Sorry, I lost interest after "Nothing Like The Sun", which remains one of my favorite albums of the latter half of the 80's. Regardless, I need to list him third in line, when it comes to my favorite Police band members. BUT, good news, everyone. It was ALL Police music, and all the big money hits. Except for Sinchronicity 1 and/or 2. Bummer. But I'm not complaing.

One other reason why I am NOT complaining? A nearly hour long set by opening act, ELVIS COSTELLO and the Imposters. This legendary artist proved why he is STILL an important part of Pop Culture.

Not a cheap show, by any means, but a GREAT show. All around... Wish you could've seen it! Really, I do! As long as you weren't blocking MY view... or making it THAT MUCH HARDER to get out of the parking lot. But other than that... yeah, I wish you were there...


tod said…
Elvis Costello has an exraordinary talent that he expresses in so many ways. He has been a favorite of mine for 20years and I am pleased to know that my son plays in a band with his two younger siblings here in the UK..
Kate said…
I love your Feedjit traffic map! You have quite the international conglomeration of visitors!