AMERICA: Reinventing Themselves... (or not)

I have recently checked out (from the library) the 2006 effort by seminal 70's Pop artists, AMERICA. It is a collector's edition of the album "HERE & NOW". The reason why I originally checked the album out, was because of the second disc, which is a live recording (recorded at the XM Performance Theater) of some of their best loved hits. I pulled out the liner notes, and what to my wondering eye would appear?? JAMES IHA! For those of you who don't know James Iha by name, he is the Asian/American dude from SMASHING PUMPKINS. Well, the OLD Smashing Pumpkins. So, I found myself immediately intrigued by this... not only is Mr. Iha ON the album, but he PRODUCED IT!

I continued to read, and saw that not only is James Iha on the album, but members of NADA SURF (who will be playing a free Twilight Concert, in Salt Lake City, this coming Thursday evening), and My Morning Jacket. These are some verrrry contemporary names, for a dusty, old band like America. Now, don't get me wrong, I grew up with America. If I could count how many generic looking black (with white lettering) 8-track tapes that my father owned, by America, I may have gotten a Bachelor's Degree in math! I LOVE America. And I mean the band AND the country.
Regardless, I popped the CD in, expecting to hear some major changes in the sound of the band, but it is very comfortable sounding. It's immediately accessible, and would please any fan of the early America music. Kudos to the band for bringing in some current musicians (oops, I nearly forgot to mention Ryan Adams) to help out with this album. For those of you wanting some laid back, easy going Summer time music, this album is for you...

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Kate said…
It IS a great album, huh! I love it!

A couple other points of obscurity for your readers: the original America logo was designed by the late Phil Hartman, and the song 'Love & Leaving' from this here album was co-written by Bill "Don't Call Me Billy" Mumy.

You're welcome! :-)
Uncle Zeke said…
And this lady (Kate) knows her crap!! So read those nuggets of knowledge, and soak them up!

Phil Hartman... :-( One of the only times I've ever felt sad about the death of a celebrity. The world of Pee Wee Herman will never be the same...