"Goodbye, Chef...": Isaac Hayes, Dead at 65.

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Most of the news that I receive is via Podcast, and so I was one day late in hearing that the great Isaac Hayes, passed away on Sunday, at the age of 65. The apparent cause of death was from the consequences of a stroke.

Thank you, Isaac, for giving me a theme song ("Zeke The Freak"), among other great tunes. I will always hold a soft spot in my heart for tunes like, "Moonlight Lovin' (Menage A Trois)" and the theme song from "Shaft".

Another one of Mr. Hayes' most endearing accomplishments, was voicing the beloved character of CHEF, on the hit series, "South Park". Even though Isaac chose to leave the show, after the controversial episode about Scientology, the phrase "Hello, Children" will always bring a smile to my face. Sorry, Isaac... you can't make fun of Mormon's, Catholics, Jews, Muslims... and, well, every other religion, and not expect a little ribbing at the Scientologists.

Either way, the legacy of Mr. Isaac Hayes will live on. He has composed many timeless songs, some made popular by him, some brought to life by others. Without a shadow of a doubt, there will always be a little Isaac in my heart...


Kate said…
Oh, Chef... I will miss you and your chocolate salty balls...

Srsly, tho, I'm with you on this, Zekester -- what was Isaac thinkin' when he spent years workin' with Matt & Trey?! Did he not notice how they mercilessly skewer all walks of life?! How could he miss that? How could he think they wouldn't eventually get around to the most curious "religion" of them all? I dunno. I was disappointed.

Speaking of "Shaft," have you seen "Hebrew Hammer"? Comedy Central usually airs it around hanukkah. Check it out if you've never seen it. Just the Shaft-homage opening will have you in stitches.

Welp, I'll let you get back to The Cure now. ;-)

p.s. Way to go on all the concert attendance this summer!!!