Happy Birthday To ME! My Present? Another FREE Concert With The Family

Last night, we celebrated my 41st birthday by going to The Canyons, and enjoying one of their Saturday evening free concerts. The concerts usually begin at 6:00, so we rarely make it up to any of them. It just so happened that the concert I wanted to see, was the week of my vacation. Who was it?


Yes, another of the bands that were part of my adolescence. Although not one of my favorite bands, I am at least proud to say that I knew the song, "What I Like About You", 26 YEARS AGO! I did, however, enjoy them enough to know that I wanted to go see them for free, and make it part of my birthday celebration.

So, with family in tow, we headed up to The Canyons. I have included several pictures of the venue, as well as the band. We all thoroughly enjoyed the band, including my daughters that only knew their biggest hit. For those of us that grew up with the music of The Romantics, we were treated to several hits, including "Talking In Your Sleep", among others.

The final encore was a medley tribute to the recently departed Bo Diddley. That ended up being one of the strongest parts of the show, and the crowd was feeling particularly energetic through those last few songs.

As for The Romantics, there are still two original members, including Wally (the vocalist). This trip down nostalgia lane is just gearing me up for The Regeneration Tour, this coming Thursday, where I will be treated to the likes of Naked Eyes, ABC, Belinda Carlisle, A Flock of Seagulls, and The Human League. I am excited to see all those bands. And it will be an intimate venue, to boot.

Enjoy the pictures... oh, and there are a couple of strangers included in the pictures. Chelsea's friend, Maddy. And Briana's friend, Jade. Just in case you are wondering...


April said…
Happy Birthday Sean!!! 41??? Oh my you are OOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!hehehehe J/K!