Hmmm... now that is an enigmatic post title. I checked out (LITERALLY "checked out" from the library) the third in a series of DVD releases, courtesy of BBC, that feature performances from the classic British music program, THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST. This show may have been the real predecessor to Britain's TOP OF THE POPS, and maybe the UK's answer to America's "American Bandstand", but this show reigned supreme over all other music programs, because it was actually LIVE! Where American Bandstand, Solid Gold (from the USA), Top of the Pops, and any other "live" music programs...umm... pretended to be concert performances, but were in reality, lip sync performances.

I need to dig a little deeper, and see what volumes 1 and 2 contain (or any subsequent volumes, for that matter), but I can vouch for the tasty aural nuggets that can be found on Volume 3. It features 28 classic performances by artists ranging from LINDISFARNE (a group I had never heard of, but quite enjoyed) back in the very early 1970's, through The Bangles, in the mid 80's. Some of the highlights, in my opinion, were performances from PIL (that's Public Image, Ltd., y'all), circa 1980, as well as a VERY early performance from Simple Minds ('78-'79). It features music from all genres, including many from classic 70's Rock (Jackson Browne, Steppenwolf, Stealers Wheel, Richard & Linda Thompson, Roger Daltry), to the early days of New Wave (the aforementioned Simple Minds, PIL, The Bangles, as well as Howard Jones, Japan, Joe Jackson) and even a forray (or two) into Progressive Rock, including a great 1982 performance from King Crimson.

This DVD was like a 2 hour trip down memory lane. Even if my literal memories don't take me back to 1970, the artists are still a wide array of people that I grew up with... people that shaped the character I am, today.

So, do yourselves a favor, people. Purchase, rent, or at the very least, "check out" the DVD releases of THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST, and see some truly classic LIVE performances of some of your favorite artists...

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