RICHARD BARBIERI: STRANGER INSIDE...Something to Look Forward to.

Something to look forward to IF, like me, you are a fan of Porcupine Tree and No-Man. I just logged on to the Porcupine Tree website, to see this welcoming news. For those of you NOT acquainted with Porcupine Tree, please take the time to do so. Your best bets are, either, or For those of you that ARE acquainted with this great band, then you should know that Richard Barbieri is the accomplished keyboard player, responsible for adding so much of the interesting atmospherics behind Porcupine Tree music, especially in a live setting.

Richard Barbieri first surfaced in the public eye, as part of the late 70's/early 80's New Romantic (yet infinitely more sophisticated than peers, such as Duran Duran) band, JAPAN. As ironic as it may be, they were most successful in the country sharing their name. From the ashes of JAPAN, came some of the most interesting Art Pop music, spanning the next two decades. Richard Barbieri teamed up with fellow JAPAN artist, Steve Jansen, doing several collaborative efforts, including The Penguin Brothers. JAPAN vocalist, David Sylvian, went on to a significantly successful solo career, at least in the world of Art Pop. Mick Karn, bassist of the group, JAPAN, has made appearances on many albums, lending his trademark gritty bass lines to some of the most interesting albums of the past 25 years. A couple of those highlights are found on albums by BILL NELSON, as well as NO-MAN, where multiple Japan members have appeared over the years.

I don't know much about the forthcoming Richard Barbieri album, except that it is his second SOLO album, and that it will be mainly instrumental, featuring significantly altered vocals by his wife, Susanne, as well as NO-MAN vocalist, TIM BOWNESS. Tim is one of my favorite vocalists, EVER, so it will be interesting to see what they do with his vocals.

Go to the micro-site, and mark your calendars!