"Wow... look at this tub... wanna take a bath??"

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It's been a while since I've left you with a nugget for your "gee whiz file", and for those of you who are hardcore Pink Floyd fans, this won't be news... but did you know that the female groupie admiring "all those guitars", on the album (NOT the movie) of THE WALL, is the one and only TONI TENNILLE?? Yeah, you know Toni... married to "The Captain", the one that sings about Muskrat Love, and how that "Love Will Keep Us Together"!

The self proclaimed Metal Maniac has done herself PROUD!


So, this coming Holiday Season, make sure you remember this little nugget, when you're sitting around the Thanksgiving turkey. Grandma and Grandpa will be very impressed! And for the love of Pete, they will even REMEMBER Toni Tennille...

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Anonymous said…
Just a reminder - the Regeneration show has cancelled at USANA. However, it has moved to The Depot for the same night.

However, suite and comp tickets are not be honored at The Depot - please pass this along to your guests.

If you or someone you know bought a ticket in the reserved or lawn areas, these tickets will be honored. Anyone in section 100 or 200 will be let in 30 minutes before the others in order to get a good position in the venue.

Please get in touch with me if you have questions!

Jennifer Hathorne
Director of Sales
United Concerts
d - 801.478.1571
c - 801.550.2247