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I was browsing the wonderful website, knows as, at the request of my daughter, who wanted to know when Jason Mraz was going to be stopping in Salt Lake, and it occurred to me that MANY of you probably don't know about this great resource.

Before the internet, Pollstar was the industry magazine that the concert world revolved around. Since the time when Al Gore invented the internet (kidding, folks), has become a great resource for the general public.

Once you get to the website, you can do one of three options. You can search an artist's itinerary, you can check a city's schedule, or you can check the schedule of a particular venue. For example, here in Salt Lake, I could check to see all the bands or artists coming to Salt Lake, or I can include surrounding cities, and get the full schedule for the better part of the state of Utah. OR, I can enter Jason Mraz's name, and see every city that has a confirmed performance. OR, if I am just wanting to see who is coming to perfrom at West Valley City's own "E Center", I can click on the venue link, and get a full list of the bands or artists playing at the E Center.

Currently we have between four and five pages of artists scheduled for the state of Utah. Wow, Utah IS a pretty, great state.

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Kate said…
Thanks for the tip! I'm waiting for the annual Brian Setzer Christmas Extravaganza to be scheduled; perhaps Pollstar can help. (See THAT show if you haven't -- it is Vegas-worthy, and fun for the whole family!)

Welp, I must fly now and see what other stories I can pilfer out of your blog archives. Mwahahahahahaha!

:: rubs hands together like Snidley Whiplash ::