Killin' Two Birds With One Stone: THE PUPPINI SISTERS

Maybe I should say, "killing THREE birds with one stone", except "birds" may not be politically correct... and who'd want to kill the Puppini Sisters?? Well, let's be honest... considering the music that the Puppini Sisters sing, they would probably be HONORED to be called "birds".

Anyhow, you ask how I'm killing two birds? FIRST, I'm hopefully introducing some folks out there to some NEW MUSIC! Woo-hoo. SECOND, I'm able to add a thematic music video, to make your Halloween season complete!

To introduce The Puppini Sisters to you, they are an Italian lass, and two British lasses. And to paraphrase a previously written description, they "sing harmonies so tight, you could bounce a baby off of them".

And for all you oldsters out there... THINK THE ANDREWS SISTERS! The best part about the music of the Puppini Sisters, is that they sing some great cover songs, including cuts previously done by THE BANGLES, ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION, BLONDIE and KATE BUSH. How is that for eclectic?

So, to make your Halloween season as festive as possible, enjoy this video of their ARS cover, "SPOOKY". It's... well.... SPOOKY! At least as spooky as an all female Jazz trio can be.

Now playing: The Puppini Sisters - Old Cape Cod
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Kate said…
I want to gay-marry the blonde. BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!