MERCY STREET (revisited)

Do you get the feeling that the theme for my October blog posts, is "REVISITED"? This is the third post, featuring that word in the title! FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!! Or, PETER GABRIEL!! Hoowah, ain't I clever??

Anyhow, when posting the video of "Mercy Street", I was faced with two other options. I debated, and ended up posting the original video, featuring the studio version of the song. I encountered the live cut, taken from the home video/DVD release of "GROWING UP LIVE", which is very nice. It features a great band, including David Rhodes on guitar (who also played with Talk Talk, Blancmange, among others) and Tony Levin on bass guitar. Featured on this tour, was Peter's daughter, singing backup and duet vocals.

The following is "MERCY STREET", taken from GROWING UP LIVE...

On top of the live version of this beautiful song, I also stumbled across a cover version, by one of my favorite female singer/songwriters, HAPPY RHODES. This version is recorded live, and really highlights the lower portion of her vocal range. If you like her work, I highly recommend that you spend some time watching more of her live performances. There are a plethora of clips available.

And now... HAPPY RHODES singing "MERCY STREET"


Kate said…
Dammit, Zekenator, I *love* this thread. I love Pete, first of all. And this version of Mercy Street... Well, I can see why it stuck in your proverbial craw. It's lovely.

As for covers of songs... Well, I frackin' LOVE 'em. I love hearing someone else's interpretation of a song, particularly if the performer is someone whose work I know, and whose interpretation is notable or different in some way. Thus, my interest in Red House Painters. And JT's 'Wichita Lineman'. I could go on and on. How many people have done Elvis Costello's 'Almost Blue'? An amazing song. I mean, srsly. Don't get me started.

Lucky for YOU, I gotta go! ;-)