A New Discovery: MELODY GARDOT

I was browsing the selection of music CDs at the Hunter Library, just a week ago, when I felt the need to look through the Jazz selection. I am a sucker for a nice, smoky Jazz vocalist, and a disc caught my eye. WORRISOME HEART by Melody Gardot. I got the disc home, did a quick research on Last.FM, and was amazed by the story that followed. I turn to those exact words...

Melody Gardot is an American musician in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was disabled at 19, after being struck by a car while atop her bicycle. This event, though tragic, led to her recognition as a remarkable musician. Her musical beginning was prompted by a tending physician who was concerned with her cognitive impairment as a result of head injury sustained in the accident. He believed music would help her brain injury drastically improve, as it has been known to show remarkable results in improving people’s cognitive ability after such trauma. It helps by rebuilding the pathways within the brain which are necessary for recalling data. (Specifically in the areas of Memory, Calculating Data, Executive Functioning Skills, etc.)

Following her doctor’s suggestion, Melody Gardot made recordings bedside, while still unable to walk, and eventually released the works as an EP titled “Some Lessons the Bedroom Sessions”. Gardot’s desire to be well combined with a bit of luck, and brought her to the attention of a local radio DJ at the AAA station WXPN. (Known for launching the careers of artists such as Amos Lee and Norah Jones) She quickly gained notoriety as “a singer/songwriter phenom”, both for her stunning music as well as her remarkable courage despite her afflictions.

With this amazing story, I was totally intrigued. I also found a link to a youtube.com video, which featured a live appearance on a television morning program. The following is that performance. Enjoy it, and then if you like... find some of her music. It's well worth a listen.


Kate said…
Whoa!!! She is freakin' ::awesomesauce:: !!!

Thanks for the tip!
Kate said…
Dear AJ, Sean, Teal, Jackie, and Evan:

You have all won a blogging award. See my site for details! And thanks for rockin' the blogosphere!!!