First, I owe a great big THANK YOU to Jim, who I am gathering is a manager of Trashcan Sinatras, one of my favorite bands... or shall I say "favourite bands", as they are from Scotland? REGARDLESS, I received an e-mail this morning, from Jim, letting me know about the release of the new single, entitled "ORANGES AND APPLES". For those of you that are avid PINK FLOYD fans, this name may sound familiar to you. There is a good reason for that. There was apparently a song from Pink Floyd, released in the late 60's, called "APPLES AND ORANGES".

Just so you don't think that the new Trashcan Sinatras single is a blatant rip-off of this early Pink Floyd song, you can rest easy knowing that the new tune is a tribute to SYD BARRETT, original lead vocalist of Pink Floyd.

Here is a snippit of the e-mail, which I received, that explains the origins of the song...

Its (the single) available on iTunes and most other download points, with funds
going to Syd's Charity 'Escape Artists'.

For a bit of background here is John from the band giving some history
to the song:

"In the months after Syd's passing, I became entranced and intrigued
again by him and his wonderful unique work. A friend of mine, the
great English songwriter Boo Hewerdine, lives in Cambridge and had
told me of seeing Syd on occasion riding around town on his bike (in
fact, on one occasion, Syd fell off his bike and Boo helped him get
back up and on his way). He seemed to enjoy a degree of anonymity, and
the local tradesmen spoke highly of him and he seemed to be happy.
This picture of Syd seemed at odds with the historically documented
version. I was relieved and pleased to discover that Syd had found a
degree of peace and 'normality' in his years there."

"I was very touched by his personal effects from his house. A fund
raising sale of some of his household items by auction was held, and
the auction house had photographs and descriptions of each item
available to view online. Syd had personally adapted pretty much
everything in his house, from the stereo to the chest of drawers to
his bikes and wheelbarrow... all had been re-painted, re-designed or,
somehow, made more personal by Syd. His highly individual attitude to
song-writing was, it seemed, a reflection of his attitude to life in

"Through dwelling on these things in admiration, the song 'Oranges and
Apples' appeared."

Some months later I was fortunate to run into Allan Brown, a Sunday
Times journalist living in Glasgow. Allan had bought a chest of
drawers and one of Syd's paint brushes at the auction and he gave me
a tube of paint owned by Syd and allowed me to be photographed with
the chest. We spoke for hours about Syd and my feelings about him were
re-enforced. I will forever treasure the tube of paint!"

The new album is due out in early '09, and apparently features the capable backing vocals of Carly Simon. Now THAT is some interesting news...

...but for now, here is the video of "ORANGES AND APPLES", for your viewing pleasure.

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