Nightmare Before Christmas: REVISITED!

I was at my favorite local independent music store, just the other evening, when I saw a new CD that caught my eye! "NIGHTMARE REVISITED" was the title, and the cover looked like this:

Now, I will admit, the first time I saw "The Nightmare Before Christmas", I was almost annoyed by the picture. Looking back, it was mainly because I was very tired, and was not ready for the assault of music that I faced with. BUT, with a second viewing, I really began to fall in love with the movie. I became such a fan, that I eventually purchased a $100.00 Laser Disc boxed set, which featured the entire film on Laser Disc, in CAV format (for you Laser Disc fans), as well as a plethora of supplemental footage. Now, keeping in mind that this was before the era of DVD, this was a true feast for the collector. In addition to the discs, the set also featured a beautiful hardback coffee table book, which not only featured a breakdown of the entire film, but also featured the complete song lyrics... and I'm thinking dialogue, although I may be wrong about that.

SO, seeing this new CD, the other night, it piqued my interest. Originally I thought it was just a new, expanded release of the original motion picture soundtrack. I was surprised to see a diverse sampling of musical artists, from many genres, doing their own versions of each and every song from "The Nightmare Before Christmas". The songs are in sequence, and there is even narration by Danny Elfman, himself... being the composer, and singing voice of Jack Skellington, in the motion picture... just in case you didn't know that.

The track listing, including artists, is as follows...

01. Overture - DEVOTCHKA
02. Opening - DANNY ELFMAN
03. This Is Halloween - MARILYN MANSON
04. Jack's Lament - ALL AMERICAN REJECTS
05. Doctor Finkelstein/In The Forest - AMIINA
06. What's This? - FLYLEAF
07. Town Meeting Song - POLYPHONIC SPREE
08. Jack And Sally Montage - THE VITAMIN STRING QUARTET
09. Jack's Obsession - SPARKLEHORSE
10. Kidnap The Sandy Claws - KORN
11. Making Christmas - RISE AGAINST
13. Oogie Boogie's Song - RODRIGO Y GABRIELLA
14. Sally's Song - AMY LEE
15. Christmas Eve Montage - RJD2
16. Poor Jack - PLAIN WHITE TS
17. To The Rescue - DATAROCK
18. Finale/Reprise - SHINY TOY GUNS
19. Closing - DANNY ELFMAN
20. End Title - THE ALBUM LEAF


Kate said…
I'm mad Amazon doesn't have samples of this. Filthy bastards. (Oooh -- can I say that here???)

What is the Amy Lee song like?
Uncle Zeke said…
Note to Kate (and anyone else reading): The Amy Lee song is very nice. She plays piano and...wha? HARP?? Yes, piano, harp and some nice vocals.