PATTY LARKIN: Words of Wisdom

First, I must state that I have been a fan of Patty Larkin's music, ever since I first discovered it, some 8 years ago. I would recommend her music to anyone who appreciates very talented singer/songwriters. On her latest album, WATCH THE SKY, Patty even ventures into uncharted territory (as far as she is concerned), and performs ALL instruments on the album. People, she's talented. So talented, she even has guitar instructional videos. And people buy them!

But folks, I am not here to go into great detail about her career thus far, or her instructional videos. I am here to copy and paste the e-mail that I received from Patty, last night before I went to bed. Now, before you all go thinking that I'm rubbing shoulders with famous singer/songwriters, this was just an e-mail sent out to anyone who had signed up for e-mails, via her website... or maybe at the concert, I went to. Yeah, that was probably where I listed my e-mail address. Either way, I forgot that I even received e-mails from her... and it was on an old e-mail address that I use for default purposes. REGARDLESS, that e-mail is inundated with THOUSANDS of e-mails each and every day (mainly junk), so it is a small miracle that I even saw this. But I agree with everything she said, so I just wanted to share it with YOU.

Subject: [patty-agogo] From Patty Larkin, a letter from Alaska

Greetings from Alaska where the wind is howling down darkened morning
streets and the temperature gauge reads "8" outside my Anchorage hotel. I
am writing this morning as our country turns toward the light of a new day
that will dawn in a week. I believe that we are at a crossroads. While I
believe that Senator John McCain is a man of profound discipline who has
given his life to the service of our country, this is not a time for someone
who would be "better than" George Bush. This is a time to redefine
ourselves and our role in the world. Barack Obama's candidacy has begun
that promise for me and for many in our nation who have felt disillusioned,
disenfranchised, and defeated. As an artist I try to see the world as it is
and put it in a form that expresses what I see and feel. I think that this
is a time for great change, and an opportunity to open up our hearts to the
big horizon. I will be voting for Barack. You must make your own choice
for change. With hope for a brighter day, I will see you down that new

Patty Larkin

So, whether or not you agree with the candidate that Patty is backing, make sure you get out and let your voice be heard. Thanks to early voting in the state of Utah, I will be casting my vote, today. Let's hope that the coming decade brings one of great change, and one that brings this country closer to a state of unity, within our own people, as well as among the people of Planet Earth.

In the meantime, if you are curious about Patty Larkin, and her wonderful talents, check them out! If you ever have the opportunity to see her perform live, do NOT pass it up. As I once heard a radio announcer state about a Patty Larkin concert. "If Patty is in a good mood, you not only get a great concert, but a fun, comedy filled evening, as well... if Patty is NOT in a good mood, you just get an incredibly good concert." I can vouch for that... and I was even fortunate enough to get Patty in a good mood. She is a very funny woman, a fantastic guitarist, and an endearing songwriter. Not to mention, she's politically on the ball. What more can I say??

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