Video(s) o' the Week: NORMAN COOK

Some of you may be scratching your heads, asking the question, "Who is Norman Cook?" To answer that question, I am going to feature a couple videos by this talented native of Hull, England.

First up, I am including one of my favorite videos of all time. One that, if I am not mistaken, was directed by the incredibly talented Spike Jonze. This is a video by FATBOY SLIM (a.k.a. Norman Cook), which was released in '98 or '99... I can't remember. One of the most amusing parts for me (in addition to the actual music video), is the inclusion of one of L.A.'s most famous Mormon landmarks. Look for it in the first sequence of the video.

And, without further adue... "PRAISE YOU", by FATBOY SLIM

Next, we take a trip back in time, to 1990-1991... again, I'm uncertain about the exact year... it may even be the late 80's. And looking at the fashions, it very well could be.
BEATS INTERNATIONAL was the previous project of Mr. Norman Cook. You will see Norman working that bass guitar, playing the "Guns of Brixton" bass line, taken from the old song by The Clash. I originally wasn't going to include this video, because I really wanted to just highlight the first and third video, BUT, I figured that there would be some people who may just want to learn about Norman's OTHER project (which released two albums, incidentally). So, here it is... "DUB BE GOOD TO ME", by BEATS INTERNATIONAL.

NOW, the original video that I wanted to feature as Video o' the Week. And keep in mind, folks... I missed the video for last week, as my lovely wife was experiencing some health problems, and I was otherwise occupied. So, this makes up for BOTH weeks, with even a bonus video.

Let's take ourselves even further back into the 1980's, to that lovely North England town, Hull. Ray, my faithful brother, and second blog follower, did "The Work of the Lord" in Hull. For those of you who don't know, I am referring to an LDS mission. Lucky him... he goes to Hull... I go to El Paso, Texas.

So, here is the true Video o' the Week... THE HOUSEMARTINS (featuring a young Norman Cook on bass guitar), with "FIVE GET OVER EXCITED". Oh, I must point out the amusing subplot going on in this particular video. The beginning features the original drummer of The Housemartins, getting abducted with a gunny sack being placed over his head. The culprit is Dave Hemingway, who was the replacement drummer for the original drummer, Hugh Whitaker. I appreciated the humour (this is a British band I'm referring to, hence the spelling) that the band used, in dealing with the replacement of one of their band members. Oh, another tidbit of trivia for you... if you didn't know... Dave Hemingway (the second drummer) and Paul Heaton, the vocalist of The Housemartins, went on to form THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH, which will be included in another Video o' the Week... VERY SOON. Dave took on duties as co-lead vocalist of The Beautiful South, and has even recorded some solo material.

SO, now that your minds are full of useless Norman Cook related trivia... let's get on to "FIVE GET OVER EXCITED", by The Housemartins.