Some may say that this video is nothing special. And I may agree. BUT, for years, I wanted to see this video from start to finish. My best friend from adolescence (musician, Kim Simpson) and I used to compile video tapes of our favorite videos, taken from MTV, Night Traxx, Night Flight (on USA Network), among other sources. Kim had a thirty second snippit of "WISHFUL THINKING", by CHINA CRISIS, and I would be deeply into the song, when the next video would quickly interrupt.

I even attempted to request the song on CLASSIC VH-1, a few years ago, on their "all request" program, but never heard back from the show. So, in disappointment, I gave up my quest to see the entire video of one of my favorite songs. Until YOUTUBE.COM came along. Thanks to them, not only have I gotten to enjoy the entire song, but you get to, as well...

Taken from the album, "WORKING WITH FIRE AND STEEL: POSSIBLE POP SONGS, VOLUME TWO", my favorite album of all time.

But after watching, I ask one question...
Didn't that runner learn anything from "An American Werewolf in London"?
"Beware the moon.... KEEP OFF THE MOORS!!"
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Kate said…
...not to be confused with "The King of Wishful Thinking" by the wonderful Go West! :-)

Thanks for keepin' these bands alive, Zekester!
Uncle Zeke said…
...NOT to be confused with "KING In a Catholic Style", by the wonderful CHINA CRISIS!

Kate said…
...and THAT leaves me nowhere to go but to Los Reyes Católicos, from the album Raoul and the Kings of Spain.

Okay... where to now Uncle?!?!
Uncle Zeke said…
...ummm... "Tacos y Burritos", from TACO BELL????