A Band You've PROBABLY Never Heard Of...

Now, I will point out that THIS particular band is one that you MAY have heard of (if you live in the United States... and listened to Alternative/Modern music, back in the early 90's) and MOST DEFINITELY have heard of, if you lived in Europe, back in the early 90's.

The band is: THE OTHER TWO.

I was inspired to post these guys, after receiving a Last.fm message from my friend, Katerz1. She sent the video from ELECTRONIC, for the song "Getting Away With It". ELECTRONIC was a side project of Bernard Sumner of NEW ORDER, along with the very capable of assistance of Johnny Marr, formerly of THE SMITHS, currently of MODEST MOUSE. Also featured in ELECTRONIC, were the vocal stylings of Neil Tenant, of PET SHOP BOYS.

After seeing the ELECTRONIC video, I was reminded of the lesser known NEW ORDER side project, THE OTHER TWO. While Bernard was busy with ELECTRONIC, Peter Hook (bassist for JOY DIVISION/NEW ORDER) was busy with REVENGE, and eventually MONACO. Hook has also collaborated with HYBRID, a Progressive House/Trance Electronica outfit. So, what did the other two members of New Order do? Wait! They WERE The Other Two. More specifically, they are known as STEPHEN MORRIS and GILLIAN GILBERT.

The following is a remix of their Modern Rock hit, SELFISH, released in October of 1993.


Kate said…
I'm tellin' ya, Man. I had absolutely no idea. I just heard that Electronic tune and thought, "Zeke would dig this."

Thanks for the edification, as per usual!