A Band You've PROBABLY Never Heard Of...

...at least if you are American! I always give the Europeans the benefit of the doubt, when it comes to knowing bands that are relatively "obscure" to the United States.

My pick for a band you've (probably) never heard of, is BEL CANTO.

Bel Canto is a wonderful band, hailing from Oslo, Norway. I feel a "special" connection to Bel Canto, because they hail from a city that was actually made the nations capital, by one of my direct ancestors, King Hakon V. How special is THAT? Anyhow, the video I am posting, is that of "SHOULDER TO THE WHEEL"... and NO, it is NOT the Mormon hymn.

Bel Canto (as of this video) was ANNELI DRECKER (on vocals), accompanied by NILS JOHANSEN and GEIR JENNSEN. As of the early 90's, Ms. Drecker and Mr. Johansen continued on as a duet, following the departure of Mr. Jennsen. Anneli Drecker has also released so works.

So... here you are, without further adue...