A Band You've PROBABLY Never Heard Of...

Yeah, I understand it's only been a couple of days since I last posted "A Band You've Probably Never Heard Of...", but, from a technical standpoint, that was LAST week, and this is THIS week.

This week's band is THE ADVENTURES.

THE ADVENTURES were a band that originated in Belfast, Ireland, and had a couple of minor hits... and when I say "minor", I mean MINOR. At least, in the States. I can't speak for the rest of the world. Regardless, MY experience with The Adventures started in 1985. I first saw one of their music videos on one of the Sunday evening MTV programs, that focused on "Modern Music". I really became converted in the Autumn of 1985, when I saw the band open up for TEARS FOR FEARS, on their "Songs From The Big Chair" tour. They had played at Park West (by Park City, Utah), only a couple months before, but decided the Salt Lake City area was a profitable stop. The September performance was at Brigham Young University, in Provo.

I can sum up the portion of the concert, from The Adventures. That band was so good, they put Tears For Fears to shame. Now, I loved Tears For Fears, and my girlfriend at the time loved Tears For Fears, but I couldn't believe how much better the relatively obscure ADVENTURES both played AND performed. There was so much more charisma, on stage. And the harmonies of lead vocalist Terry Sharpe and Eileen Gribben were beyond description. When I saw the band, it was in support of their debut, self-titled album* (which was released on Chrysalis Records). They ended up releasing a few more albums, with at least two on the Elektra label.

*I need to interject that the debut album was released in the rest of the world, under the name "Theodore and Friends", and featured alternate artwork to the US eponymous release.

So, from their debut album, here is THE ADVENTURES, with one of my favorite songs by the band. "FEEL THE RAINDROPS". Please note that I am NOT considering this video to be an artistic masterpiece, since it is merely the band on stage, lip syncing to the recorded version. But, the song is absolutely brilliant!