A New Year in the MUSIC EMPORIUM

It is now 2009, and I have been doing this blog for over a year. It's time to get SERIOUS! Or not. It's hard for me to be serious about anything. But there are a few things I'd like to do. Rather than commit to posting each and every day (which I may commit to, if I get a laptop, with my tax return), I want to commit to doing three things each week.

1. Uncle Zeke's Video o' the Week:
As I began doing toward the end of the year, I will continue to post a video each week. It could be a video I love, or one that needs to be loved by you. Either way, it'll be a grab-bag o' fun.

2. A Band You Have (Most Likely) Never Heard Of...:
I have decided that each and every week, I will do a post about a band that has never succeeded in breaking in to the mainstream. Yes, there will be bands that a few of you may have heard of, but for the masses, it will hopefully be an introduction for something that you will enjoy down the road.

3. The Uncle Zeke Music Essay:
My last full post was a somewhat erratic look at the progression, and eventual digression of music, over the past fifty years. I really want to do something more organized, and so I will actually borrow from the thoughts that I have already recorded, and break it up into several "chapters", which will be spread out over the next few months. I have a lot of feelings about the world of music, and it will be a more organized way for me to share those feelings. Of course, I welcome any comments or feedback that you may have about these feelings.

So, in closing, I would like to thank all of you, who have visited this post over the past year. Especially those of you who visit on a regular basis. Hi Kate, hi Ray, hi Laura (?). Hopefully we will see y'all down the road... with an ever changing soundtrack.


Kate said…
::waves at Zeke::

::settles into front-row seat::