The video for "DUM DUM GIRL", by TALK TALK, is one of my favorite videos of all time. This great song originally appeared on the "IT'S MY LIFE", and is an ode to Margaret Thatcher, although it probably isn't something that she would be proud of.

I can't say if it is my favorite Talk Talk video, as so many of them are incredible, but it ranks in the top 3. This particular video was the version aired on MTV, although it was originally the "test run". I have a VHS video compilation, which features both versions, and this is my personal favorite. I can see why director Tim Pope opted to air this particular version.

I must mention that my two favorite music video directors are Tim Pope and Spike Jonze. Tim Pope was responsible for many of the greatest (and most memorable) videos by THE CURE, including The Love Cats, In Between Days, Love Song, Pictures of You, Close To You, etc....

Keep in mind that the video was shot in the English countryside. Keep in mind that the vocals are also completely live. And last, but not least, keep your eyes on the other two members of the band, who are in the distant background (to begin with).