Geez, Uncle Zeke... what kind of story?? A scary one? No... A romantic one? I don't think so...

The story I have to share, is one about THE STORY. The incredible collaboration between college friends, JONATHA BROOKE and JENNIFER KIMBALL. These two recorded two albums together, the second being one of MY favorite albums of the 1990's. It is called, "THE ANGEL IN THE HOUSE", and was produced by Alain Mallet and Ben Wittman, under the direction of executive producer, Tommy LiPuma, who has produced some of the best Contemporary Jazz. So what you have, is an Contemporary Folk album, with some great Jazz influence... AND some of the best harmonies you will find ANYWHERE.

Unfortunately this song isn't the best example of any of those things... but it's still good. The video, however? Well... not so good. But that's my opinion. STILL, it is this week's "Video o' the Week".